Executive Business Acumen - Mini MBA Program

Executive Business Acumen - Mini MBA Program

Savvy law firms understand that the new world of lawyering requires the successful lawyer to have a firm grasp of business management. To effectively provide legal services to clients, it is imperative that lawyers understand the business problems and challenges that those clients face—and then recognize how to link their services to helping meet those problems and challenges.

To help build this critical knowledge set, Wolf Management Consultants, Inc. offers a unique opportunity for your firm: a customized Executive Business Acumen Series designed to meet the specific needs of your firm.

Why send attorneys from your firm to highly expensive, generic business management programs?

WMC will build a custom program – created with your input – that focuses on those business skill and knowledge areas most critical to enhancing your firm’s overall business acumen, and ultimately your success and reputation in the market-place.

Program Focus

Executive Business Acumen for Lawyers is a customized program consisting of a unique combination of a series of modules (ranging from 2–4 hours in length), each targeted at a particular skill/knowledge area as described below.

  • Basics of Finance
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Balanced Scorecard Measurement
  • Global Business Skills
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic and Tactical Thinking
  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Growth, Transition and Change
  • Business Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Negotiation Fundamentals

Through attending the workshops, lawyers increase both the breadth and depth of their current knowledge base in business management, enhancing their overall effectiveness as providers of legal advice and counsel to their clients.

Program Benefits

Benefits derived from this program are multidimensional:

  • Through building solid business management knowledge and capabilities, the firm ensures an enhanced position and reputation in the marketplace—resulting in both new and sustained client relationships, and healthy revenue growth.
  • Both existing and prospective clients gain true strategic partners—resources that understand and effectively help them address their business problems and concerns.
  • Program participants benefit by developing a crucial set of skills that will enhance their individual success in the years to come.

Program Approach

  • Participant Interviews are conducted prior to final program design to ensure program is appropriately customized.
  • All program workshops are designed with a high percentage of opportunity to apply and practice key knowledge, skills, and behaviors.
  • The program provides a balance to equally address people/task focus, short-term/long-term time horizon, and internal/external business factors
  • The program employs a building block approach, ensuring that earlier concepts are incorporated into later workshops wherever possible, to encourage participants to integrate their learnings throughout the series.
  • The program is taught by highly regarded business professionals, with MBAs and extensive business experience.
  • Individual coaching after the training will be provided on request to bring about an even greater return on investment in the program.


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