Essence of Effective Leadership

Essence of Effective Leadership

Join Jeff Wolf, one of America’s most dynamic speakers, one of the top executive business coaches in the country, and a highly sought after consultant as he takes you through a fast-paced motivated workshop on effective leadership.

Author of the upcoming book, The Essence of Effective Leadership, Jeff has been featured on NBC and FOX TV and has worked with such prominent companies as SONY, SBC, Abbott Labs, Ace Hardware, Caremark International, the American Bar Association and many other organizations.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The responsibilities of leadership
  • What is an effective leader
  • Leadership and attitude
  • Key factors to become an effective leader
  • Leadership and customer satisfaction
  • Why employees leave companies
  • How to build strong teams
  • What employees want from leaders
  • How leaders create positive energy
  • Creating a Positive Workplace
  • Leadership and training
  • Communication tools every leader should have
  • Coaching and leadership
  • And much more…………….

Participant Level

This workshop is customized to fit your specific needs and is designed for all levels of leaders; supervisors, managers, executives and "C" level people.

Workshop Length

Half day - full day - two days - one week - customized thirteen week program.


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Nationally acclaimed speaker

International bestselling author Jeff Wolf is now available for your next meeting, conference or convention to provide a high-energy presentation filled with strategies and techniques attendees can immediately apply to improve their skills.