Development of a Finance Department for The Closely Held Business

Development of a Finance Department for The Closely Held Business


In general, this program, over two (2) days, creates within the closely held business environment a unified Finance Department for the Company, enables all departments within the Company to work together to achieve common goals and develops monitoring systems to measure and evaluate the financial process.

Courses can be modified to fit ½ day and 1 day schedules


At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of the Finance Department;
  • Develop a common and unified Company goal and objective;
  • Make informed decisions for each element of the financial process;
  • Consider types and uses of different financial models;
  • Apply accounting principles within the financial process; and
  • Discuss and apply principles, concepts, methods and procedures of financial management and planning such as department accountability, reporting requirements, cash flow, capital budgeting, cost-volume profit analysis and working capital.


The course will use a combination of lecture / discussion, exercises and cases.


  1. Financial planning and control;
  2. Information gathering techniques and controls;
  3. Accountability for information provided;
  4. Control of financial information – in and out of the Company;
  5. Analysis of alternative sources and uses of funds;
  6. Cost of capital and capital investment decisions;
  7. Analysis of working capital management and policy.
  8. Cases and Problems


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