Developing Team-Based Work Systems

Developing Team-Based Work Systems

If you're wondering how to involve and empower your employees, WMC can help turn temporary programs into permanent gains.

WMC can show you how to decide where teams are appropriate, how they should be structured, and what they should be working on. Experienced WMC advisers can provide essential knowledge, know-how and guidance to help your management team successfully work through the following issues:

  • Creating and chartering an effective steering team
  • Defining critical success factors for a Team Based Organization
  • Creating and communicating a business case for change
  • Developing a values statement to guide the change effort
  • Mapping the desired team based structure
  • Outlining a participative plan to generate shared leadership
  • Designing matching support and information systems
  • Planning to keep others involved during the transition process
  • Creating a shared understanding of the desired economic results
  • Monitoring and adapting ongoing implementation


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