Delegation: Perfecting the Handoff

Delegation: Perfecting the Handoff


Event Overview

Whether you’re a  manager or a team member, there are several opportunities for you to delegate  work to others on your team. How do you  feel about “letting go” of those tasks? Do you have the need to “do it all yourself” and be the star? Are you afraid to hand off work to someone else for fear they won’t perform exactly the way you would?  Or worse, that they may perform it better than you would?  There’s no doubt that  delegation holds many risks and therefore instills fear in people. But there are many benefits to delegation:  for the delegator, for the delegatee, and  for the organization as a whole.  This event  takes a humorous, but very practical, look at delegation as a critical tool and  distinct set of skills for everyone on a team to learn.

Who Should Attend this Event:

People who want  to delegate tasks or projects to others on their team but are reluctant to do  so for a variety of reasons.

Event Outcomes

Participants of  this event will leave with:

  • A definition of delegation that differentiates it from abdication or “dumping”
  • Reasons why effective delegation is important to individuals, teams, and organizations
  • An understanding of the obstacles to delegation and strategies for overcoming those obstacles
  • Issues to consider and questions to answer before delegating to a team member
  • A six-step delegation process and the inherent skills needed in each step

Event Length

This event runs one hour.


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