Decision Making: Resolution Basics

Decision Making: Resolution Basics

Resolution Basics™ is a two day on-site training workshop for up to twenty five participants that provides the foundation for better decision making through the application of Robust Decision methods and the use of powerful decision tools. Included with the class is a 60 day subscription of a limited version of Accord™ for 10 users.

Good decisions don't just happen. A team can be managed so that all voices are heard, the best possible conclusions are reached, it is clear what to do next and there is buy-in by  all stakeholders. This workshop is designed to train decision-management facilitators and managers responsible for multi-participant decision teams. Tailored to your specific industry and job function, this  course includes details for using Accord™ software, the decision management tool, to support effective decision-making. A helpful workbook is also included.

During the workshop we will use your current issues as real-time examples for exercises both on paper and with the support of the Accord™ software. You will leave the workshop with new insight about your issues and how to resolve them.


  • Facilitators and managers of design and product development teams
  • Facilitators and managers responsible for critical business decisions

Participants will learn to .

  • Manage personal decision-making styles
  • Master Accord™ software to support the decision making process
  • Control the dynamics of group decision-making using Accord™
  • Manage the development of discriminating criteria
  • Interpret alternative satisfaction and probability of being best
  • Analyze what to do next
  • Interpret decision risk
  • Perform trade studies using Accord™
  • Query the decision rationale


Day 1: Robust Decisions

  • Making choices you feel good about in the morning -the basics of making decisions in a distributed team environment.
  • The OODA Loop and Six Sigma- how decisions are important to design and business best practices
  • Often wrong but never in doubt - details on the importance of managing uncertainty and managing estimations - essential since all decisions are based on estimates of uncertain information
  • Teams don't make decisions, but.. -how to get the needed information from multiple people whose buy-in and accountability are essential to the success of the decision
  • Everyone hears only what he understands - how to frame issues and develop alternative solutions for making the "right" decision
  • Measuring the ideal - methods to manage criteria
  • Importance is in the eye of the beholder - techniques to elicit what is important to the decision stakeholders
  • Deciding how to decide - a compendium of best methods to make decisions and their limitations

Day 2: Solving your problem in Accord

  • Framing issues in Accord - how to set up decisions in Accord™ and how it supports issues raised in Day 1
  • Belief is information tempered by understanding - how the uncertainty and knowledge can influence decisions
  • Using Accord™ - the use Accord™ in a distributed environment - addressing the participant's problems
  • Understanding Bayesian Team Support - The underlying methodology of Accord™
  • Where to go from here


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