Decision Making: Making Robust Decisions

Decision Making: Making Robust Decisions

Workshop Overview:
Do you frequently have to make difficult decisions? This workshop shows you why they are difficult to make, and gives you strategies for tackling new issues with confidence—regardless of how uncertain, conflicting, incomplete, or evolving your information may be, and in spite of the personalities on your team.

Workshop Outcomes: This highly interactive session will provide:

  • A clear understanding of what Robust Decisions are, how they affect meeting cost, time and performance goals and how they can reduce firefighting
  • The ability to effectively use the fundamental tools associated with Robust Decisions Making – an introduction to Accord™
  • An opportunity to practice Robust Decision making and the associated tools on your problems

Workshop Key Topics:

  • Making Choices You Feel Good About in the Morning
  • Why Focus on Decisions?
  • Often Wrong But Never in Doubt
  • Teams Don't Make Decisions, But…
  • Everyone Hears Only What He Understands
  • Measuring the Ideal
  • Importance Is in the Eye of the Beholder
  • Decisions Are Based on Your Belief about an Uncertain Future
  • Robust Decision Making
  • Deciding What-to-Do-Next

Workshop Length: 2 days
Can be customized to needs of participants


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