Customer Services - Winning through Customer Service

Customer Services - Winning through Customer Service

Wolf Management Consultants' "Winning Through Customer Service" teaches that while winning customers may be hard, keeping them is even harder. So what do customers really want? They want quick response, instant information, and solutions to their problems. In other words, they want exceptional Customer Service.

No organization can afford to lose customers because of poor service, but many do. Customers remember how they’ve been treated, and they spread the news. Studies show that they are likely never to buy from you again, even if you have exactly what they are looking for. When customers are pleased, they are likely to spend more on your product or service and will call again. When customer service representatives understand their role in this process, they will keep customers coming back.

Who in Your Organization Will Benefit?

  • Sales and Service Representatives
  • Service Managers
  • Anyone who has Internal and External customer contact

What makes "Winning Through Customer Service" So Different?

This program was developed to do what the title suggests: Win more business through excellent Customer Service. This sales and service program utilizes a variety of interactive training methods to target the skills, behaviors, and attitudes that have the greatest impact on understanding the customer and providing solutions.

Our unique approach enables you to customize your Customer Service training with both classroom and Internet-based training options. In addition, the program includes the identification of essential behavioral/communication styles that will help your representatives understand their customers’ individual styles and needs.


This workshop trains your sales and service personnel to present a professional image and to communicate effectively in everyday Customer Service transactions, as well as in difficult situations. The skills taught address the major concerns identified by over fifty organizations within the service industry, and over ten years of product field research. At the heart of this program is a step-by-step process for conducting a Customer Service transaction.

Course Format Flexibility

The program is a 1 ½ day program that can also be delivered in a condensed one-day version, or in three ½ day sessions to accommodate your busy training schedules.

The program further incorporates the use of on-line Customer Service courses: "Delivering Customer Focused Service", and "Dealing With Difficult Customers", as pre-work or post-work…allowing you to focus more in-class time on customer-specific role plays and group discussions. An optional feature shows you how to incorporate behavior/communication style surveys to reinforce the communication portion of your program.


Managers, Team Leaders, Sales and Service personnel will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professionalism on   the job while building a proactive, problem-solving culture
  • Use essential communication skill   in dealing with customers
  • Recognize characteristics of human   behavioral styles and see opportunities to adapt their personal   style
  • Identify and utilize a structured process/model for conducting Customer Service Transactions
  • Master strategies for dealing appropriately   with difficult customer situations

Also Included:

  • Video vignettes that follow an interesting storyline of customer   transactions through the following environments: Manufacturing;   Transportation; Call Center, and Hotel/Convention Center
  • Video of real-life Customer Service representatives addressing   today's significant issues. Industries represented are: Retail;   Transportation; Hospitality; Banking, and Call Center
  • Role Plays
  • Skill development and transfer exercises
  • Group discussions

Course Content

Module 1: Your Role as a Professional Identifies characteristics associated with a professional image and examines actions which will improve each person’s professional image

Module 2: The Essential Communication Skills Reviews the essential communication skills required for Customer Service: Listening/observing; Questioning; Verifying; Explaining, and Assessing Behaviors

Module 3: The Customer Service Transaction Introduces a step-by-step procedure for conducting a Customer Service transaction

  • Phase One: Establish a professional relationship
  • Phase Two: Identify how to help the customer
  • Phase Three: Provide the required assistance
  • Phase Four: Complete the transaction and follow up

Module 4: Dealing with Difficult Customer Situations Examines how communication skills and Customer Service transaction procedures are incorporated and applied when dealing with difficult customer situations


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