Customer Service... Not Lip Service

Customer Service... Not Lip Service

Workshop Overview

Nordstrom did something right. They single handedly redefined customer service in the retail sector. Now, companies in every industry aspire to be “the Nordstrom” of their industry. How do you compare? Are you “the Nordstrom” of your industry? Your market? What would it be like to be the ruler by which everything else is measured?

The average person does not share their everyday good customer service experiences. Why is this? Because they expect it, and if all you’re doing is meeting their expectations, they’re not going to notice. But fail a customer just once, and you can bet that their 20 best friends find out, they might “tweet” about it, they might post something nasty about your organization on Facebook…you get the picture. Companies these days can’t afford to provide mediocre, or poor, customer service. What Nordstrom did was to walk the talk. From the highest echelons of their company to the lowest, everyone was empowered and inspired, to make sure that each customer was satisfied.

Workshop Outcomes

Participants in this workshop will learn to uncover customer expectations, which is the key to delivering positive customer service experiences. At every level within your organization, participants can connect to the role they play in serving the customer, whether they do it directly or they serve someone else who does. Through some presentation, group discussions and brainstorming, exercises and role play, participants will uncover potential roadblocks to deliver good customer service within their organizations, and then begin the process of removing them. Despite many existing industry regulations that prevent giving each customer exactly what they want, it is usually an antiquated company policy or fear of creating future expectations that prevent us from satisfying a customer. Attendance at this workshop for both leadership and individual contributors is a critical step to elevating the service mentality and philosophy in your company. The world is becoming smaller and more connected…make this work for you, not against you.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Management professionals with direct reports, across all departments within your organization…remember, if a department doesn’t directly support or interact with a customer, they support or interact with a department that does.
  • C-Level leadership across the organization – Leadership buy-in is critical.
  • All operations staff and any department that does interact directly with customers – they will learn the impact they have on customer retention, growth of revenue through referrals and customer up selling, and the consequences of “having a bad day.”

Workshop Key Topics

  • Redefine customer service in your organization: Do you need to scrutinize long accepted company policies that may not make sense anymore?
  • Differentiating your organization through service assurances: Under promise and over deliver.
  • Positive communication: Differentiating company policy from industry regulations.
  • Involving the whole team in the vision.
  • Following through on your promises.
  • Customer service IS sales, it’s just a nicer way of saying it.
  • Customer service can gain just as many customers as it can lose.
  • Without customers, you would have no paycheck. Discuss.

Workshop Duration: 1 Day



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