Customer Relations Programs

Customer Relations Programs

How customers perceive you as in individual can really have an impact on the overall success of your business or your organization. When you're on the front-line working with customers, the more you understand them, communicate effectively with them, and know how the work you do meets their needs, the stronger the relationship with your customers will be.

In order to get there, Wolf Management Consultants offers Customer Relations programs that focus on three critical areas:

  • Understanding and meeting your customer expectations
  • Communicating effectively with your customers
  • Ensuring effective processes to meet your customer requirements

The programs described below help to address one or more of these three critical areas. In addition to these programs, we can work with you to develop a customized solution depending on what your customer relations challenges are.

Our Program Offerings

No matter what type of customer/supplier relationships your organization works with, Wolf Management Consultants has programs to help strengthen them. These programs address not only external customer relationships, but internal ones as well. As we talk more about your needs, we can help you determine which of these programs-or what customized program-is best suited for your organization.

  • Shared Expectations
    - Creates a dialogue around the mutual expectations of both customers and suppliers. Can be used with both internal and external customer-supplier relationships
  • Social Styles/Communication Styles
    - Provides an opportunity to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your communication style and how it impacts your relationship with customers-internal or external.
  • Talking with Your Internal Customers
    - Provides practice in essential verbal communication skills in the context of managing internal customer relationships
  • Understanding the Customer/Supplier Model
    - Focuses on examining and improving internal processes from the viewpoint of how effectively they meet customer expectations and requirements.
  • Building Supplier Alliances
    - Helps you learn to establish and manage strategic supplier/vendor relationships with an eye toward meeting your customers' expectations.


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