Consultative Sales Management and Coaching

Consultative Sales Management and Coaching

The Challenge

Companies and service organizations with sales/revenues up to $25 million with one to several business development people face a sales management challenge. Business development people in these types of organizations are generally managed by the owner, CEO or general manager of the organization. Unfortunately there is a universal inability of owners/CEOs/general managers to devote necessary time, efforts and resources to properly manage consultative sales people. This sometimes results in a lack of production with the immediate impact of underachieving sales and profits and poor productivity. In many cases, these sales people have never been properly trained and mentored. They often lack proper motivation and sometimes feel alienated from the rest of the company.

Consultative sales is a most challenging task under even the most optimum of circumstances. Properly allocating time, making calls, prospecting for new business and handling customer indecision and rejection can frustrate even the best of salespeople. Having a sales manager can be crucial to business development productivity, and a sales manager/coach provides a valuable quantitative and qualitative lifeline to the sales person. Outside intervention by such a sales manager/coach can make an immediate impact to revenue generation and the bottom line.


Consultative Sales Management and Coaching is a long-term service provided by Wolf Management Consultants based on a successful business model. The sales management coach will talk daily to each sales person and provide immediate feedback, answers to questions and will assist in determining the best ways to approach potential customers and clients. The sales manager/coach will occasionally accompany the sales representative on sales and periodically monitor telephone conversations to help the sales representative improve telephone techniques.

The sales manager/coach will help in targeting, prospecting and goal setting as will working with each sales person to set meaningful quotas and objectives.

Finally, the sales manager/coach provides a link back to the organization's management. By reporting results to the owner/CEO/general manager and reporting on progress, the company's management can impact on the sales representatives performance without having to do the day-to-day supervision.

For the sales representative, the benefits are:

  • Improved self-management
  • Improved customer relations
  • Increased sales productivity
  • Improved communications with customers and company personnel

For the organization, the benefits are:

  • Increased sales productivity
  • Greater revenues and profits
  • Improved morale
  • Lowered turnover

Specific Services Offered

Sales Training

What are the sales training objectives
Determining the content of the training
How much and what kind of training is needed

One-on One Sales Coaching

Setting goals and targets
Estimating market potential and forecasting
Creating individual selling strategies
Assessing results
Learning to use one's time to the maximum
Performance self-assessment

Pre-Approach Mechanics

More efficient prospecting
Efficient use of the telephone
When and when not to "cold call"
Optimum use of e-mail mail and follow-up techniques
Improved techniques for qualifying leads
Developing efficient researching skills

The Sales Presentation

Developing the right sales tools
Learning adaptive selling techniques
Developing alternative presentations
Assessing customer needs
Learning how to meet objectives
Closing the sale


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