Competency Modeling and Job Profiling

Competency Modeling and Job Profiling

Effective employees are more important today than ever before in determining an organization's future. Staying ahead in the current and future global marketplace is more difficult than ever. Understanding of the work and organization is essential to maximizing "fit" between job candidates and the needs of the business thus increasing the ROI of staffing and development activities. To be successful in today's business environment, organizations need employees who possess the competencies and work styles that are in concert with the organization's culture and strategic business objectives. Competency modeling or job profiling is a structured process that establishes the key links between the essential requirements of a job, position or role and the knowledge, skills, abilities and behavioral characteristics necessary for successful performance.

Our approach to competency modeling is straightforward and practical. We work closely with our clients to capitalize on existing sources of job information and to define the most efficient and cost-effective approach to data collection. We then utilize a systematic and structured approach to examine the work process, organizational culture and business environment to define competencies that most important to success based on the organization's unique needs. The resulting competency model provides the foundation on which an organization can build integrated human resource management systems (e.g., staffing, performance reviews, training and development, succession planning). In addition, competency modeling and/or job profiling helps establish the job-relatedness of the selection methods and standards in terms of reliability, validity, and fairness. If you want to target your selection and development efforts on the things that truly make a difference, start with a well-defined competency model.


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