Communication at Work

Communication at Work

One of the keys to extraordinary leadership, management and team work is effective communication. Without it performance improvement measures have little effect, teams become cliques, change becomes chaotic, and conflict rise. Even when a leader does speak the message may not reach the intended audience in the form that it was meant to be received.

This two day, comprehensive program focuses on all aspects of communication within the workplace. It ensures that key personnel, from executives to front-line supervisors understand communication dynamics, practice communication skills, review communication assessment tools and discuss processes that will enhance individual, group and organizational communication.

Core sections of this program include:

  1. Learning about the different listening styles: Associative & Linear
  2. Reviewing the three types of communication – fact-based, emotive and symbolic – and applying them to participant‟s message delivery
  3. Learning about three different learning styles – watcher, doer, observer – and how they apply to listening, feedback and performance improvement
  4. Reviewing memory retention strategies so that people retain what has been communicated
  5. Practicing giving and receiving balanced feedback
  6. Practicing becoming an unconditionally constructive communicator
  7. Assessing personal, process and organizational blocks to effective communication
  8. Reviewing attitudinal and personality indicators which influence delivery and reception of open communication
  9. Reviewing practices for improving attentiveness
  10. Practicing powerful presentation strategies: 10 ways to capture the audience‟s attention
  11. Reviewing effective meeting facilitation skills and practices
  12. Learning 5 useful tips for the delivery of bad news
  13. Reviewing 8 communication competencies that every executive and manager should develop
  14. Learning how to handle emotionally-extreme communication

Tools offered for review during this program include:

  • Communication Practices Self-Inventory
  • Effective Listening Survey
  • Leadership & Organizational Practice Survey: Items that Help and Hinder Communication
  • Management Feedback Survey
  • Supervisory Communication Skills Employee Evaluation
  • Directed Attention Thinking Tool© (Created by Edward DeBono): P.M.I.

Time Frame:
2 days

Group Size:

open to all

interactive & experiential utilizing large group activities, small group dialogues, and didactic lessons designed to guide the participants in their assessment of self and issues relevant to their ability to communicate effectively in one-on-one situations, group environments and across the organization; assessment of organizational policies and practices that lead to effective and ineffective communication; and determination of appropriate behaviors, attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary effective communication.

Client pre-requisites:
teleconference or meeting to assess current needs, issues and professional goals related to this topic.


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