Colorful Communication

Colorful Communication

Session Overview:

The Colorful Communication session uses a variety of interactive activities and an assessment tool, Lumina Spark, to understand personal style and the styles of others. The unique approach on understanding self and others is based on a metaphor of colors to describe personal style. Participants will explore their personas, communication styles, and perceived strengths and weaknesses. Exercises within the session are carefully designed to aid participants in exploring and uncovering personal truths surrounding interpersonal communication. They will be taught a positive common "color" language enabling them to discuss difficult feedback in a positive, more productive method. Time is spent exploring responses to stress and interactions with others learning how to use that information in an affirmative manner.

Session Length: 1 Day

Who Should Attend this Event: Any employee who wishes to increase self-awareness and improve communication effectiveness

Session Outcomes:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • recognize the role of individual perception on events and interpersonal interactions
  • recognize and evaluate the preferences for broadening self-awareness
  • describe the language of color in interpersonal communication
  • analyze personal style in relation to behavior
  • speed read the preferences of others
  • assess both the strengths and limitations of different personality types and expectations or capabilities of others
  • Understand diversity of personal style and plan for improved collaboration,team dynamics, communication, harmony, effectiveness, and vision and goal setting
  • explore their three personas and how they move about them in their leadership style

Session Topics

Language of Color
Understanding my Lumina Spark Portrait, the Four Colors and the 8 Aspects
Communication Styles
My Three Personas: Everyday, Underlying, Overextended
Speed Reading Others
Building Rapport
Action Planning with the GROWS Model

Requirements prior to taking the course:

Participants are required to go online prior to the course and fill out an online assessment that takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Instructions are emailed to course participants once and class roster is confirmed. All information is kept confidential.

Your facilitator: Jane Schuette


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