Coaching and Leadership

Coaching and Leadership

Richard Kilburg in his book, Executive Coaching: Developing Managerial Wisdom in a World of Chaos, says that executive coaching plays a central role in enabling individuals, teams and organizations to develop capacities. Organizations using coaches will increasingly see human wisdom being created and practiced by larger numbers of individuals and groups of people.

Behavior change that is sustainable and dependable under stress requires consistent encouragement, practice and feedback. High-level behavior changes also need time to develop, time to be tested in action and time to be refined. This cannot happen in a vacuum. Development occurs out loud, in relationship with others and within context, be it personal, business or organizational.

A quality executive coaching relationship will encourage key factors for developing leadership skills. Behavior change occurs when the following are present:

  1. Awareness and ownership of the need for change    
  2. Action taken to effect change    
  3. Repeated action and practice in real-world situations    
  4. Feedback that is trusted and accurate (from peers as well as coach)    
  5. Time for new habits to develop    
  6. Skilled coaching in recognizing competing values and commitments as well as underlying assumptions and governing variables to mental models    

Executive coaches help leaders to develop skills of self-observation, self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-mastery. These skills allow leaders to continue to grow long after the coaching relationship ends.

Good coaches provide thought-provoking questions, personal exercises and assignments to help leaders maximize their unique gifts and talents. Coaching develops extraordinary leaders. Extraordinary leaders produce extraordinary business results.


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