Change: Engaging Employees in Large Scale Change

Change: Engaging Employees in Large Scale Change

When an organization is confronted with a challenge so big that "leading as usual" and "business as usual" can't produce needed outcomes, we are expert in bringing to bear proven processes and structures that engage leaders, managers and employees, that evoke their latent wisdom and commitment, and that build new ways of working together to achieve success. This approach has been used successfully in strategy development, innovation, and top and bottom line growth.

Too often organizations fall into the trap of thinking that their employees need to be changed, motivated, to get the job done; that it is they who are the problem. In our experience whenever there is leadership that calls on the best of employees, that trusts that it is there, that gives a clear focus to the organization without trying to direct every detail, dramatic changes can occur in participation, results, and satisfaction. It doesn't require everyone in the organization to get on board. A critical mass of managers and employees can make all the difference given a leadership that genuinely engages them.

This far-ranging process begins with the leader of the organization and his or her executive team. The only impetus for a new way of leading and a new way of operating is a business ambition so large that there is no other way to get the results being sought. Otherwise there is no compelling case for change. We work with the executive team to identify and develop their ownership for a compelling case for change.

With the leadership, we co-design large meetings and other appropriate structures and processes to engage the next level of the organization in the case for change. This is done in a way that generates that level's ownership for the change. So much so that they become advocates, not obstacles, to change. With that group we further co-design ways to engage the rest of the organization. All this is done with a clear focus on the challenge to be met and the results to be produced.

This entire approach is emergent and is not a predetermined program. In our experience circumstances, priorities and anticipated challenges shift and it is only a flexible approach that can successfully adapt to these changes. Throughout our involvement we work to generate self-sustainability for change by the client.


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