Business Strategy: The Seven Managerial Levers

Business Strategy: The Seven Managerial Levers

In every company there are seven distinct managerial levers. All seven levers must be linked, consistent, and working together to maximize an organizations efficiency and profitability. If there is a problem in a company, it usually lies somewhere in these Seven. The most successful companies in the world, whether small or multinational, run like a well-oiled machine, complementing each distinct area and working together as one. These businesses have a well-defined strategy for the future; a fluid structure that enables efficiency and flexibility; strong and compelling leadership; maximization of its employees and their talents; seamless communication and decision processes; a unique culture that brings everyone together; and a rewards and recognition system that improves and encourages performance. This essential workshop will help you better understand each distinct area, how to analyze efficiencies & problems, and how to align & incorporate all seven managerial levers for maximum effectiveness & profitability.

The Seven Managerial Levers

  1. Strategy
  2. Structure
  3. Leadership
  4. People
  5. Info/decision process
  6. Culture
  7. Rewards


  • Strategy is about making choices & how to position a company
  • An interconnecting system of roles & relationships
  • Reaches all individuals & departments
  • Organizational Architecture: A Game Plan for competitive success
  • Must define your role & what you excel at
  • Identifies responsibility & the links between them
  • Cannot be all things to all people


  • Integrates corporate strategy & culture within an organization
  • The way the company is arranged & set up
  • An effective structure of who reports to who
  • How fluid is the system (Silo verse organizational)
  • What is effective & what is not
  • Is the system bureaucratic & static or fluid & efficient


  • Management’s ability to envision & influence success
  • Fosters direction, commitment & motivation
  • Clear, compelling, & consistent
  • Maintaining organizational credibility
  • Inspires & facilitates growth
  • Everyone pulling together in the same direction


  • An organization’s mix of human skills, talents, & abilities
  • Maximizing these resources with surrounding processes
  • Instigate clear objectives & direction (Unity & Teamwork)
  • Effective recruitment & selection process
  • Consistent training & development
  • The evaluation & dismissal process

Information & Decision Processes:

  • Method of gathering, studying, & applying information
  • Proper & consistent communication is the foundation
  • Sharing & maximizing knowledge for the best results
  • Efficiently & effectively determining a clear course of action
  • Flexible & adaptable, regardless of circumstances
  • Fosters group dynamics & team synergy


  • The norms, values, & rituals shared by a firm
  • A profound distinction that everybody knows & embraces
  • It is unique & special
  • It embodies the company’s philosophy
  • Fosters commitment & cohesions
  • Serves as an informal yet powerful cost effective control

Rewards & Incentives:

  • What gets rewarded gets done
  • What types & levels of rewards & recognition are used
  • Monetary verses non-monetary
  • Instigating & encouraging stretch goals
  • Find out what motivates the employees
  • It is a powerful driver of performance & behavior

Program & Company Benefits:

  • Complete analysis of your company & current situation
  • Understanding the Seven Managerial Levers
  • Effectively aligning & implementing all seven areas
  • Defining specific areas for improvement or change
  • Refining your company strategy & structure
  • Advancing your leadership & management team
  • Improving communication & knowledge sharing
  • Increasing overall employee performance & efficiency
  • Building a dynamic culture in your organization
  • Coordinate an ongoing plan for action & execution

Wolf Management employs a combination of experience and methodology that fosters significant strategic results, targeting critical issues and bringing insights based on detailed analysis and expert insight. We identify opportunities to improve an organization’s operational efficiencies, strengthen relationships within and outside an organization, and manage change to achieve and sustain success. Drawing on our global network of resources and expertise, we bring together the right minds for the best results. We have a broad reach across industries and geographies, providing business direction, creating long-term value and maximizing superior performance. Wolf Management builds on our client’s experience and incorporates our expert knowledge, professional approach, and complete dedication.

Who Should Attend:

This advanced program is for all senior managers, directors and executives. Working with our consultants, we put together a plan that fits your objectives and timeframe to maximize the program’s effectiveness. From small groups to large organizational initiatives, Wolf Management offers a tailored program for every need. Accountability and commitment are essential for a successful program.

Event Length: 1-2 Days

Although the program can be tailored from 1 to 2 days, it can also be run over a 3-12 month period, with professional consulting and continued support.


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