Business Strategy: Make Your Strategy a Bestseller - Communicating and Implementing

Business Strategy: Make Your Strategy a Bestseller - Communicating and Implementing

Workshop Overview

You've spent days locked up together setting goals, analyzing data, assessing the competition, and ultimately making some tough decisions. When you emerge from the session, you're tired, but you feel a great sense of accomplishment: you've created a solid strategy for the business! And you're finally finished. "Or are we?" you ask yourself. You return to your office with that nagging question rolling around in the back of your head, but it quickly gets pushed aside as the e-mails and voice mails that have piled up over the past few days take precedence. Yet, you can't quite shake the feeling that you're not really finished...

Creating a strategy is, indeed, an accomplishment; however, the real accomplishment is making that strategy come to life—making it the foundation for how an organization does business every day. But how do you make that connection happen? How do you get an entire organization to rally around and support a strategy? Finally, how do you keep the strategy from being perceived as nothing more than "leadership rhetoric?"

In this highly interactive workshop, discover how to make your business strategy a "best seller" that everyone in the organization is talking about!! You and the other members of the leadership team will create a customized plan for getting the rest of the organization to align around and live the strategy.

Workshop Outcomes:

By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Create a solid communication/execution plan for your business strategy
  • Build the foundation for ensuring organizational acceptance and alignment around the strategy
  • Create commitment to revisit and revitalize the strategy when needed

Key Topics:

  • The Five Keys to Successful Strategy Execution
  • Eradicating the "Annual Exercise Syndrome"
  • Strategy Communication Rules
  • Avoiding the "Death of a Strategy"
  • Using Measurements to Translate Strategy into Results
  • Celebrating Success


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