Business Strategy Consulting Services

Business Strategy Consulting Services

Effective business strategies should tell a compelling story. And like all good authors, creators of strategy must do research, outline their “plot” and then start writing the “chapters” in the form of strategic initiatives. But it doesn't end there. Just as publishers must market a story and entice people into buying it, leaders of a business must effectively communicate a newly created strategy if it is to be into and implemented. Wolf Management Consultants' professionally trained staff are available to work with you through the two phases of creating a business strategy, and communicating and implementing that strategy.

Creating Your Strategy

We work closely with you through a 4-part process, based on work by Arnaldo Hax of MIT that guarantees a best-selling strategy.

  • The first part of the process, understanding your business, results in a clear and agreed-upon definition of the scope of your business; an assessment of your unique competencies, a well thought out mission statement, and an acknowledgement of the challenges you face.    
  • In the second part of the process, you will analyze the threats and opportunities that present themselves to your industry, and then assess your strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors.    
  • Finally, in parts three and four of the process, you will integrate all of the learnings and insights acquired to develop the appropriate initiatives and associated tactics that will help your business thrive.    

Communicating and Implementing Your Strategy

Once you have the story of your business strategy written, you have to turn it into a best-seller that everyone is talking about! Wolf Management Consultants, LLC will guide you through this phase by helping you

  1. create a solid communication/execution plan for your business strategy,
  2. build the foundation for ensuring organizational acceptance and alignment around the strategy, and
  3. create commitment to revisit and revitalize the strategy when needed. Our consultants will ensure your success by providing you with tips and techniques in the following areas:
  • The Five Keys to Successful Strategy Execution
  • Eradicating the "Annual Exercise Syndrome"
  • Strategy Communication Rules
  • Avoiding the "Death of a Strategy"
  • Using Measurements to Translate Strategy into Results
  • Celebrating Success


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