Building Your Leadership Brand

Building Your Leadership Brand

Your leadership brand is your identity and reputation as a leader.

Good leadership brands are built on authenticity, consistency and a genuine desire to serve stakeholders.

Great leadership brands are created when you also intentionally and clearly infuse your brand with your "DNA"—the unique values, talents, experiences and passions that define you.

Why build a great leadership brand? It's all about results. Aligning your actions, stories and visuals allows you to engage stakeholders faster. It can also make work more satisfying because it is aligned with who you are.

We can help you discover your brand and increase your effectiveness as a leader. We'll start by uncovering your "DNA":

  • What are your values, standards and goals?
  • What experiences, strengths and passions make you distinct and compelling?
  • How do your colleagues, customers and other stakeholders experience working with you?
  • What weaknesses must you minimize?

Once we understand your essence as a leader, we'll build three guideposts:

  • Your brand manifesto: your unique point of difference and why it matters
  • Your brand attributes: key themes that you will demonstrate through your stories, actions and visuals
  • Your brand promise: the emotional promise you make to those who experience you

Then, we'll develop the stories, actions and visuals that vividly demonstrate your true leadership brand. Real-life stories that emotionally engage others. Practical actions that align your deeds with your words. Powerful visuals that resonate with your audience.

Finally, we'll package it all in a leadership map—an action plan to guide your efforts. If you like, we'll provide ongoing or periodic coaching to ensure you stay on target.

Consultant: Rochelle Moulton, MBA


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