Building Skills that Build Rapport and Drive Success

Building Skills that Build Rapport and Drive Success

Target Audience: managers, sales professionals, support staff, and anyone who interacts with others.

Description: This session is designed to enhance verbal and non-verbal  communication skills with the specific intent to build trust and foster  forward moment of the communication goal. Understanding of personality  styles, levels of listening and the impact of stress will be covered.

Session Outcomes:

  • Understand how important building trust is to successful communication
  • Predict blockers to building trust and establish methods for lessening the destructive impact
  • Identify levels of listening and obtain active listening skills
  • Demonstrate positive non-verbal communication proficiencies
  • Explore modes of sensory perception, identify preferred mode and learn how to adapt to others
  • Compare personal communication style with that of others and formulate an individualized plan to build rapport
  • Discover ways to minimize the impact of stress on communication
  • Establish email etiquette guidelines, meeting protocol and one-to-one communication approaches

Session Length: 6 hours

Presenter: Jane Schuette, M.A.

Jane Schuette has been assisting individuals, teams and leaders to  achieve personal and organizational success for more than 25 years. A  professional educator and coach, Jane works with companies of all sizes  in a variety of industries developing leaders and teams in organizations  such as Microsoft, American Express, BP, Deutsche Bank, Waste  Management, Hill-Rom, Genentech, MacDonald franchise stores, Wrigley,  and United Way.  She has created and presented seminars to the  Department of Homeland Security, US Army Soldier Systems Research  Center, US Air Force Air Mobility Command – Travis Air Force Base, US  Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Water, Minnesota State  Highway Patrol, USNS Mercy, and the US Office of Personal Management.

Jane’s passion is to assist individuals and teams on their professional  development journey.  With her education in creativity, coupled with her  extensive background in helping others understand their personality,  behaviors, and emotional intelligence, Jane has become a sought-after  facilitator and coach.  She believes that everyone has the potential to  be innovative, be a contributing team member, and be an influential  leader but only after each individual honestly explores his/her personal  blockers.  Jane views herself as an alchemist; her role is aiding  individuals in the transformation to the gold she believes lies within  everyone.


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