Boards of Directors: Building and Maintaining Better Boards

Boards of Directors: Building and Maintaining Better Boards

Workshop Overview

This workshop is often conducted on a ‘retreat’ basis or at an offsite location. The objectives for the workshop are customized to meet the organization’s needs. Frequent objectives include creating a clear vision, establishing short and long term strategic positions, discovering performance gaps between core competencies and strategic initiatives, creating a Board roadmap, establishing a Board positional strategy, reviewing Board performance (or establishing a process) and improving intra-Board communications effectiveness and performance.

Many of the exercises and methods utilized are proprietary. Pre-workshop time is needed to interview the current or prospective Board members prior to conducting this workshop event. Due to the required customization needed to be effective, it is highly recommended that this workshop is planned well in advance of its actual performance.

Workshop Length: 1 to 3 days (variable depending on the Board’s needs and an independent assessment)

Who Should Attend this Event:

Current or prospective members of Boards of Directors of both non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Workshop Outcomes (examples)

  • Create or clarify your Organizational Vision
  • Align your Vision and Mission Statement and Core Competencies
  • Board Member Roadmap creation and adjustments
  • Board Performance Reviews and Reports
  • Board communications
  • Short and Long Term Strategies

Workshop Topics (examples)

  • What is the Role of a Board?
  • Your Vision, Mission and Strategy
  • Who do you have and Who do you need?
  • Board Member Performance and Reviews
  • Board Member Ethical Standards
  • Board Communications (internal and organizationally)
  • Avoiding the Halo Effect or Drinking the Coolaid
  • Committees: who does what and why


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