Beyond the Basics: Sales 101 on Overdrive

Beyond the Basics: Sales 101 on Overdrive

Workshop Overview

Time and again after one of our workshops with well seasoned sales professionals, we are approached by top producers who confess that much of what we discussed were the exact things that made them successful in the first place. They just stopped doing them somewhere along the line and their performance plateaued. Beyond the Basics explores how we sometimes forget the fundamentals of professional sales as we gain experience and get lulled into the status quo. We’ve all heard the phrase “born salesperson,” and while some people do seem to be naturally gifted, sales is simply a process…some just follow it naturally while others have to work a little harder at it. Beyond the Basics will introduce you to a simple and easy to follow sales process that can help everyone up their game!

Whether you are a rookie or an all-star, think of this workshop as your own personal trainer for sales success. Reach new heights, realize your true potential, and make more money by attending this workshop.

Workshop Outcomes

Through skills training, role play and personal reflection, this workshop will have you approaching your game in a whole new light! Participants of the Beyond the Basics session will:

  • Create a quarterly Blueprint, a personal plan of action for sales results!
  • Hone or gain essential sales skills through role playing and practice, topics include: getting appointments, asking for business, building relationships and effective follow up whether you get a “yes” or a “no.”
  • Learn to follow a no-nonsense, easy sales process that can be implemented and ingrained long after the session is over.

Who Should Attend This Event

  • Anyone who wants to grow their business and thinks that they have tried everything!
  • Top producing sales people who want to make more money and push through a performance plateau.
  • Novice sales people – make sure you are doing the things that make sales people successful.
  • Sales management professionals – make sure you have everything in your arsenal in order to help your sales people meet and exceed both their company assigned and personal sales goals.

Workshop Key Topics

  • Exploring the key elements for sales success.
  • Sales versus account management, learn to tell the difference.
  • B the Change: 3 key tactics for sales growth. The Blueprint, the Bullseye and Barometer.
  • Understanding your targets and gain insight on standing out in a crowded field.
  • Sales is a process, learn the steps and how to apply them in your every day workload.

Workshop Duration: 1 day



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