Better Listening for Better Leadership

Better Listening for Better Leadership

If you are like most professionals, you have received extensive training in reading, writing, and speaking yet listening–a core, fundamental skill–is rarely taught outside of Communication courses. Studies show that less than 10% of communication is contained in the words themselves which renders much of our communication lost in non-verbal or “meta” language.

So, when mis-communication occurs, who is responsible? If there were only one cure for all mis-communication, what do you suppose it would be? Which of the dominant communication skills (speaking, reading, writing, listening) do you think we spend the MOST time doing? What would you estimate is the most important of all the communication skills?

With the right answer to the questions above, we’re left with this one: Why, then, do we take Listening for granted and how can we improve our skills in this critical area of communication?

Join Jeffrey Klubeck, M.A. for this jam packed, fast-paced and interactive class where you will learn:

  • Why Communication is a RECEIVER-based phenomenon
  • Why Listening is THE under-rated Communication Skill
  • The Six “ING’s” of Listening
  • The Critical Differences between Hearing and Listening
  • The Four Primary Purposes of Listening
  • The Six Barriers to effective Listening
  • The Primary Forms of “Non-Listening” and how obvious they are to your family, friends, peers, superiors and sub-ordinates
  • Simple Techniques for Active/Critical Listening
  • Three Strategic Destinations for your Listening (What to listen for when listening to others)!
  • How Differences in Values, Beliefs and Behavioral Styles affect Listening!
  • Why “how” you say what you say is actually WHAT you are saying!
  • The relationship between Listening and Emotional Survival!

The workshop consists of several elements, including:

  • Fill-in-the blank style instruction of content
  • Informal Assessment of your Behavioral Listening style and skill level
  • Creating and Evaluating your Individual Listening Filter
  • Exercises that will force you to apply the content to your practice right away/on the spot!
  • Masterminding and Brainstorming with your peers and/or presenters
  • Role-plays or demonstrations involving the audience
  • Humor!  Expect to laugh and enjoy your way to learning critical listening skills!


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