Attorney Burnout Webinar

Attorney Burnout Webinar

How to deal with the new normal, improve mental health, and PREVENT burnout!

COVID-19 has pushed stress levels in the legal industry to an all-time high–and mental health to an all-time low.  Mounting stress has many lawyers at their very breaking point!  We are now moving toward a new reality where the future of work is extremely uncertain.  Now more than ever before, attorneys need to know what to do to counterbalance the stressors that ultimately lead to burnout.

In this webinar, bestselling author and nationally recognized attorney coach, Jeff Wolf, will go over how to help lawyers understand what burnout is. He will then share proven techniques that you can use right away to improve your mental wellbeing.

Jeff will highlight key principles from his 20 years of coaching attorneys on how to successfully navigate the challenges of the legal industry. He will show you how to avoid burnout so you can have a satisfying legal career while enjoying your personal life as well.

Session Topics

  • Why is the practice of law so stressful?
  • What is burnout and how does it differ from stress?
  • What can burnout lead to?
  • What are the physical and mental symptoms of burnout?
  • A confidential burnout quiz to assess your degree of burnout.
  • Learn proven tools & techniques to avoid burnout.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how you can improve performance, reduce stress, and avoid burnout.


Jeff Wolf is known as one of the top attorney coaches in the country, is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, and was named one of America’s top 100 thought leaders.

He has been featured on NBC, CBS, CNBC, and FOX TV, was a commentator for the Legal Broadcasting Network, and is an international best-selling author.

Having worked with hundreds of attorneys, Jeff understands what today’s lawyers and law firms need to produce extraordinary results during these turbulent economic times.

As founder and president of Wolf Management Consultants, LLC, he has built a valued practice that addresses the critical problems confronting lawyers and law firms today.


This webinar is customized to fit your firm’s needs and is one (1) hour in duration.  The number of attendees is determined by you!

Follow-up coaching is available to enhance the skills learned in the webinar.

Schedule or Learn More

To schedule your webinar or learn more, contact Mike Adams at or call 858-638-8260.


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