Associate Professional Development Program

Associate Professional Development Program

Law firms invest an enormous sum of money attracting and hiring new attorneys. Yet junior lawyers are often unequipped to deal effectively with the demands of real-world practice.

Understanding client service, managing tough work loads, dealing effectively with firm relationships, engaging in long-term career planning, developing an effective business development strategy - all of these skills are essential to successful legal careers.

Rather than invest in outside expertise to develop these skills in their associates, law firms may relegate the task of associate development to senior lawyers who typically do not have the expertise, time or incentive to make a substantial invest in training-related coaching. The result is ineffective, ad hoc efforts with little impact or sustained momentum. From a business point of view, a firm's senior lawyers are best leveraged when engaged in billable time, client and business development activities, and needed family or leisure time.

According to Crain's Chicago Business, "the departure of associates can cost firms an average of $200,000 to $300,000 in invested time and training" - and this does not include the disruption, stress and reduced revenues that may result from associate turnover. The business case for enhancing associate productivity and engagement could not be clearer.

Wolf Management Consultants offers professional development coaching for law firm associates, targeted to helping these young professionals develop skills and strategies for long-term success. Through individual coaching engagements, lawyers receive training, support and counsel in the professional competencies that are essential to enduring success in legal practice, including:

  • Developing a client service orientation
  • Managing the personal and professional demands of legal practice
  • Maintaining effective work-life balance
  • Enhancing personal productivity and time management
  • Understanding the practical realities of law firm careers
  • Engaging in effective long-term career planning
  • Developing a personal business development strategy
  • Improving professional relationships and interpersonal skills

The net result of this kind of sustained professional development coaching is a more engaged, productive, fulfilled and effective junior lawyer.

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