Alignment for Growth & Profit

Alignment for Growth & Profit

Workshop Overview

Are you struggling to fix those disruptions between    departments, between management and staff, between you and your   customers? How  about the miscommunication between the executive staff   and the rest of the  company?

Creation of a clear vision and mission followed by clear strategic objectives is the basis of this workshop. Lay the  groundwork necessary for extraordinary growth and profitability. Create  a clear vision and mission, create dynamic strategies that leverage your core competencies,   and create strategic initiatives that will  separate your organization   from others. Then, learn how to clearly communicate  these strategies   and vision to the entire organization and achieve alignment. This unique workshop can take your company from  average to extraordinary!

Workshop  Length: ½ day to 2 days (variable depending on the organization)

Who  Should Attend this Event: Senior management must be aligned before other    management can participate in this workshop. It is highly recommended   that  there be 2 phases to this workshop: senior management and all   other management.

Workshop  Outcomes

  • Create or clarify the company’s vision
  • Create or clarify the company’s mission  statement
  • Define the company’s key strategic  objectives
  • Verify the company’s strategy is  leveraging its core competencies
  • Establish a company communication plan  for the vision and strategies
  • Establish a company-wide plan for  building the plans to be executed

Workshop  Topics

  • Establishing vision using the  ‘Words-in-a-Box’ technique
  • Clearly stating the company’s mission statement
  • Market positioning matrixes with core  competencies
  • Key strategy verification
  • Communicating: the waterfall effect
  • The Stoplight Approach  to managing strategic initiatives and milestones


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