Advancing Knowledge: The Essence of Knowledge Management

Advancing Knowledge: The Essence of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management comprises a range of organizational strategies and practices that identifies and maximizes experiences and insights. This unique information is shared with employees and incorporated into the overall organizational structure and process. Properly handling and sharing knowledge helps institutional objectives, improves performance, and fosters competitive advantage. Yet often companies work in tightly controlled units or divisions where best practices are kept to themselves and not effectively distributed; there is more of a competitive environment within the organization than outside. However, a company that shares together succeeds together. Knowledge is power and knowledge management is a valuable strategic asset.

Knowledge management is sharing best practices and developing a rapid-response culture. Learn the importance of building a knowledge culture: one that shares information, works together, fosters cross-training, and continually communicates clearly. This methodology can help individuals and groups share valuable organization insights, reduce redundant work, avoid past mistakes, decrease training time, retain intellectual capital, and adapt to the changing environments and markets. In today’s competitive and global market, it is essential to implement an effective information system: gathering, sharing, and educational programs. If you do not learn from the past, you are destined to repeat it.

The Four Essential Aspects of Knowledge

  • Specific: Processing what is known
  • Organized: Creating fluid communication
  • Critical: What is necessary & essential
  • Processes: A system of gathering & distributing

The Seven Essential Areas of Knowledge Management

  • Assets: Measuring & managing your intellectual capital
  • People: Nurturing & harnessing intelligence
  • Customers: Knowing their needs, practices & assumptions
  • Processes: Appling the best practices while performing core tasks
  • Products & Services: Smarter solutions, customized to users’ needs
  • Organizational: Sharing lessons from the past
  • Relationships: Personal knowledge that strengthens collaboration

Other Knowledge Management Strategies:

  • Knowledge Mapping: An accessible companywide system
  • Competence Management: Systematic evaluation of competences
  • Proximity & Architecture: The physical situation of employees
  • Forming groups responsible for best practices
  • Cross-training & team learning
  • Professional directories, enabling others to find specialists
  • Mentoring & apprentice programs
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Storytelling as a means of transferring knowledge
  • Accessible Knowledge Repositories
  • Measuring & Reporting intellectual capital
  • Social software & networking

Program & Company Benefits

  • Transform your company into a knowledge culture
  • Share information & practices throughout your organization
  • Reduce redundant work & processes
  • Avoid past mistakes or reoccurring problems
  • Decrease training time & development
  • Foster intellectual capital
  • Adapt quickly to the changing environments
  • Use collaboration for maximum effect
  • Maintain agility and adaptability in the process
  • Foster initiative and entrepreneurialism
  • Promote curiosity and creativeness

Wolf Management identifies opportunities to improve a company’s operational efficiencies and manage change to achieve and sustain success. Drawing on our global network of resources and expertise, we bring together the right minds for the best results. We have a broad reach across industries and geographies, providing business direction that creates long-term value and maximizes superior performance. Wolf Management builds on our client’s experience and incorporates our expert knowledge and professional approach.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is for managers and executives responsible for company strategy, programs and training. This advanced workshop helps an organization build a knowledge culture, unifying different areas or divisions to share information and work together productively. Wolf Management helps businesses train and coach professionals for maximum performance and results.

Event Length: ½ to 1 Day

Although this program can be tailored from ½ to 1 day, it can also be run over a longer period of time, with professional consulting and continued support.



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