Advanced Communication Skills Through Neurolingistic Psychology

Advanced Communication Skills Through Neurolingistic Psychology

In this interactive course, you'll learn the fascinating art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology by International expert, Gary De Rodriguez. 

Learn the Neuro-Linguistic Psychology model of communication that teaches you how you experience your reality and how the real world is experiencing you! Learn powerful rapport building techniques, how our eyes communicate internal processes, directionalizing communication for influence, the power of our language styles, and even how to neutralize painful memories in about 3 minutes. This fascinating course is an introductory exploration to Neuro-Linguistic Psychology. Develop advanced communication skills creating relationships that build the foundation of joy and success!



What exactly is Neuro-Linguistic Psychology?
Overview on the nervous system
The power of Language and symbols of thinking
The Psychology, Programming and Patterns we develop as humans

The history of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology Communication Model
How we create meaning, associations, process information, and reality
The Science of our neurology and how the personality develops

Designing Effective Outcomes
How to do more that establish goals for personal and professional success

The Presuppositions of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology
The models of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology that empower individuals to live from a different paradigm

How to create and maintain rapport
How rapport creates the foundation for success and fulfillment
What is communication and how do we do it effectively
How to understand your level of rapport building and direct it for more dynamic results
What to avoid when communicating with others
The science behind how we are communicating as humans

Eye Patterns
The science of eye patterns and their connection to the nervous system
What eye patterns reveal about us and how we are processing information in real time
How to facilitate better communication and learning through the understanding of eye patterns
How to eliminate painful memories through eye patterns
Choosing resourceful words in communication
The physiological effects of language
How your language affects yourself and others
How to direct your language and tonality to communicate effectively
Matching communications styles through criteria words

Meta Programs
How metaprograms are the unconscious filtering systems in our Neurology
How to understand the manner people prefer to communicate, how People are motivated, unmotivated and how people are Empowered/disempowered

How to create agreements that are beneficial to both parties
The mechanics of solutions in negotiation and communication
How to resolve conflict in negotiation and communication


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