Action Learning Experiences

Action Learning Experiences

What are the “Experiences”?

The workplace is evolving, and the need for Leadership and Team building skills is more critical now than ever. To meet these needs, Wolf Management has a developed a series of exciting, new training experiences that pair critical skill development with energizing outdoor activities to solidify the intended learning objectives.

Each Experience provides participants with a comprehensive assessment and report for better self-awareness and skill-development action planning. Our Action Learning Experiences challenge all participants to better understand themselves and their coworkers for maximum impact, no matter what their job entails.

Who Should Attend the Experiences?

Everyone from first-line supervisors to the C-suite, their team members, and corporate board members have praised the effectiveness of these learning experiences. The most powerful learning occurs when a leader brings her/his team—often including clients and suppliers as well as direct reports to share in the Experiences. Our design team works with clients to develop appropriate learning objectives to tailor these unforgettable learning experiences.

The Experiences

The Gettysburg Experience (Gettysburg, PA)
Military, corporate and academic leaders have long been using old battlefields as a source of insights into contemporary leadership challenges. Participants will walk the historic battlegrounds while discussing critical leadership challenges during the war and apply those impactful lessons to their own workplaces.

The Key West Team Building Experience (Key West, FL – and NYC in Summer months)
While on location in beautiful Key West, participants will tour the Truman Little White House and discuss leadership challenges and teamwork opportunities. Coupled with their assessment target areas, they will put those lessons and skills to work while sailing a 105’ racing schooner, “America 2.0” in team challenges off the coast.

Targeted Leadership / Teamwork (Various US locations) – In partnership with Orvis
This exhilarating experience is designed to take participants out of their comfort zone and learn a great deal about themselves in leadership and/or teambuilding skills. Sporting clay shooting, beginning in the early 1900’s is an exciting sport often called, “golf with a shotgun”. From beginners to experts, participants will learn from highly training professionals how to maximize their effectiveness during the team competition and apply what they have learned to their own workplaces.

Fly-Fishing Leadership & Team Experience (Various US locations) In partnership with Orvis
It takes intelligence, skill, patience, and control to lead a team; and it takes those same qualities to be successful as a member of that team. The same can be said of the art of fly-fishing. This fun, competitive, and impactful experience, centered on the timeless fishing sport, builds knowledge, skill, and understanding of oneself as a leader and as a team member. Participants will enjoy deep discussion; assessment skill-building, as well as professional fishing lessons targeted toward making them better leaders and team members.

BMW - Driving High Performance Teams (Thermal, CA and other locations) – In partnership with BMW
Participants group to discuss leadership and team challenges, while building their business skills to overcome those obstacles. At the “BMW Performance Driving Schools” they also overcome challenges of track driving with professional racing drivers and “take the wheel” in a series of competitions. From the novice to experienced driver, as with the novice to experienced leader, all participants will grow both personally and professionally.

The Land Rover Off-Road Team Building Experience (Various Land Rover US and Canadian Locations)
This unique experience, in partnership with Land Rover’s professional driving instruction, makes constant parallels to driving off-road and applying the knowledge gained from the assessment to this exhilarating team building activity. Team members will communicate with each other to accomplish a series of thrilling off-road challenges.


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