A Manager’s Guide to Coaching Millennials

A Manager’s Guide to Coaching Millennials

What is MGCM?

The Millennial Generation, born since 1982, has arrived in the workplace. A Manager’s Guide to Coaching Millennials (MGCM) is a one-day workshop designed for all who manage Millennial employees.  This interactive workshop will give managers the background, understanding, skills, and strategies to best attract, coach, engage, and retain this young generation of workers.

Who Should Attend MGCM?

MGCMis designed for all employees who supervise or manage Millennial employees, including the Millennial Managers themselves.

Topic Areas Covered in MGCM

  • The 7 Key Characteristics of Millennials
  • How your Generational View affects successful interactions with Millennials
  • Top Management Actions to retain & energize Millennials
  • What, why, when, and where to coach
  • Coaching skills and strategies to get the best from your employees

What Are the Outcomes of MGCM?

At the conclusion of MGCM, participants will:

  • Understand how generations are formed and rules for how they behave.
  • Know the characteristics of today’s 2 older generations in the workplace.  
  • Recognize how the generational experience of Millennial employees shapes their overall perspective.  
  • Know the specific wants, needs, and expectations of the Millennial workforce.
  • Understand how the current organizational culture supports or hinders successful coaching of Millennial employees.
  • Know the Critical Coaching Skills required to retain and energize Millennial employees.
  • Demonstrate how to effectively coach the Millennial employee.

How Is MGCM Conducted? 

MGC Muses a variety of adult learning methods including:

  • Presentation/Discussions
  • Small & Large Group Activities / Experiential Activities
  • Individual Assessments
  • Case Study & Role Play Scenarios


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