Testimonials from prominent corporations and organizations that have given rave reviews about Jeff Wolf's presentations!

We provide a leadership development retreat for over 400 of our staff three times per year. Each event is more difficult to plan as we must find new information and new ways to energize and engage our staff. Jeff Wolf was the keynote speaker at our 14th event and he has raised the bar! Our supervisors and managers could not stop talking about the great day they had just experienced. Here are some of their comments.

My office "team" talked about the whole thing for over an hour! We covered all aspects, and had a lot of good feedback and overwhelming enthusiasm for the day, topic, Jeff, and are thrilled for the next one"

TIMELY, FUN, GREAT, AWESOME….just a few words from our department. One of our managers is speaking at a conference soon about the challenges of being a new manager. He said he took pages of notes from Mr. Wolf and even modified his own slides because he was able to take more than one "nugget" away with him!"

Here it's two days later and this morning I was approached by a couple of the Leaders who couldn't stop talking about this event. Loved Jeff Wolf and very positive about his breakout sessions. We look forward to having him back soon.

Suzan Herzig, UCSD Health System Planning Committee Member of Leadership Development

Your inspiring keynote message at our International Convention Leadership Luncheon helped spark the passion of leadership within our Club Presidents and Governors.

The high-energy presentation was well-crafted, thought provoking and exceeded our expectations. The key leadership concepts and ideas you presented should make a profound difference in the way they lead their teams during the coming year.

Thank you for making such an impact; you truly deserved the standing ovation everyone gave you!

Rob Parker, CEO/Executive Director Kiwanis International

When Jeff accepted our invitation to do a leadership presentation for 120 postdoctoral researchers, he had no small feat before him. He was tasked with not only presenting an overview of the qualities of a great leader, but doing so to an audience of young scientists with minimal to no experience with leadership whatsoever. At this level of his own career, Jeff could have moved forward thinking he knew exactly what to say during his talk, yet he chose to spend a significant amount of time on the phone with me instead, learning about his audience and asking questions about what I wanted them to know. As a result, his presentation hit the proverbial nail on the head. That Jeff was willing to take the time to ask what I and my group needed, rather than make the assumption that he knew what was best for the audience made all the difference. I would work with Jeff again without hesitation, and our postdocs would welcome him back with enthusiasm.

Diane Klotz, PhD, Director/Office of Training & Academic Services, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

Jeff's keynote presentation to our group was phenomenal! With over 200 people in attendance, all participants felt Jeff's presentation was right on the mark and exactly what we were looking for to rekindle energy within our companies. The healthcare industry faces huge challenges that drain our executives and workforce, so we were looking for a speaker that could help us regain our passion for our livelihood and put fun back into the workplace. Jeff set us in MOTION!

Our participants took Jeff's words to heart and gave us feedback that they are putting some of his suggestions into practice, that he renewed their determination and confirmed many of the leadership ideals we already know, but forget.

On behalf of the Healthcare Billing and Management Association, I wish to thank Jeff for his effort in putting together an excellent program - he was EXACTLY what we were looking for!

Sherri Dumford, President, Three Bridges Consulting, LLC, Education Committee, HBMA, Board of Directors, HBMA

From start to finish, working with Jeff Wolf was a great experience. Booking speakers for my association’s events has its challenges, as we have members at all stages of their careers, plus supplier members. Hiring a speaker who can captivate my diverse audience often proves difficult. This time, I hit the nail on the head by selecting Jeff’s carefully crafted leadership program for my event. Based on the evaluations, our attendees felt the program delivered state-of-the-art information and noteworthy leadership reminders.

I always ask my presenters to provide a list of take-aways so attendees can immediately begin to use what they’ve learned, but some never follow through. In contrast, Jeff’s bullet-pointed action steps were outstanding!

I would recommend Jeff to any group looking for an informative, energetic presenter—no matter the audience. Thanks, Jeff, for making me look like a rock star!

Katie K. Voorhest, Marketing & Education Coordinator Indiana Society of Association Executives

Thank you for your informative and entertaining keynote presentation on the topic of "No More Jerks at Work". Our review of the evaluations revealed that our members thought your topic to be "excellent" and "great." I was pleased to learn that you received an average rating of 6.5 out of a possible 7.0. In fact, under the section where we asked if there were any changes they would recommend, we found comments like "none – he was fabulous" and "I wouldn’t, he was great!"

"I personally enjoyed talking to you after the presentation and becoming more familiar with the work you do in your organization to help improve relations between supervisors and employees. I find what you do fascinating and necessary and I am happy to know a company such as yours exists.

Rosela Marin, Programs Chair, Greater Los Angeles Chapter Association of Legal Administrators

Wow! I just can't thank you enough for your inspiring keynote presentation on leadership and it's relationship to professional association membership. In this day and age of budget crises, companies are trimming their association membership budgets. Your message about the relationship between membership and leadership in the industry really resounded with our attendees. With so many travel industry professionals wondering what they can do to change the forecast for business travel, your presentation really stands out with real life examples of how stepping up can change your life, career and industry as a whole.

From the perspective of an association president, I loved the fact that you took time to interview members of our Board of Directors to find out just exactly what we were looking for. And it doesn't end there. You actually took the information and tailored your message so that our group could get the maximum benefit from your years of experience. So often, I have sat through educational speakers who deliver the same presentation no matter what the group. Thanks so much for the custom information that targeted the specific needs of our members.

Toni Lee, President, San Diego Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International

Jeff Wolf presented “It’s All About People: How to Engage, Inspire and Retain Your Best People to members of the Southern California Wine Country Executive Leadership Forum. Represented were senior executive leaders from throughout the region.

The audience was very appreciative of the informative content and inspired by Jeff’s engaging and dynamic speaking style. Everyone benefited from a real-life, useful “takeaway” that they could implement into their own work life right away. The feedback was universally positive with many people commenting that they had received tremendous value in return for their time in attending the meeting. There have been several requests that Jeff be invited back again soon.

Maddy Mestman and Brynley Lee, Co-Founders, Southern California Wine Country Executive Leadership Forum

Jeff Wolf's leadership presentation at our annual corporate retreat was inspirational and educational to our company's management team. For the last couple years, we have been extremely focused on improving our systems, procedures and homebuyer experiences trusting that this would also result in an even better work environment for our employees. Unquestionably, Jeff took our efforts one step further showing us that as leaders it is our responsibility to take an active role in managing our employees' work experience that spans beyond processes and procedures. His presentation made clear that we can all improve, provided us with some ideas on how to improve, and gave credibility to how these actions will benefit everyone involved.

Jim Warmington, Jr.,President & Chief Operating Officer The Warmington Group

Your motivational keynote presentation was a perfect way to kick off our “Business Planning Retreat”. From the moment I began working with you I could tell that you were the perfect addition to our program. You were always approachable and very interested in learning as much as you could about your audience, to tailor your presentation to our industry. Your passion, energy and inspirational stories helped us walk away motivated and inspired to carry on with our retreat objectives. A job well done!

Susan Freibrun, Education & Meetings Manager, Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association

I want to thank you for delivering the Consultative Approach to Business Development and Overcoming and Handling Objections workshops at Caremark's annual sales training conferences the past two years. The feedback from our sales team has been tremendous!

The programs were informative, entertaining and the hands-on exercises made it easy to incorporate the information into our sales process. Sales people can be a tough audience, but you did a terrific job of motivating and educating them and the survey feedback validated that everyone came away with great ideas they can immediately take back and implement.

Your ability to customize each workshop was a key to your success as you were able to use our terminology and real life examples which really resonated with the attendees. Lastly, you brought together a wealth of information and put it into a format that was easy to understand and follow.

Jeff, thanks so much for the excellent programs you presented and we look forward to having you back for many more!

Glenn Mitchell, Area VP Specialty Sales – West, CVS CAREMARK

Thank you, Jeff for speaking at our annual conference. Rather than tell you what a great keynote presentation you gave, here are some quotes from the evaluations we received after your session:

"Dynamic, interactive."

"Well organized with application points."

"Very dynamic speaker. Presentation was right on. I can take this info back to our management team."

"Fabulous speaker; great presentation; stories were valuable and interesting-a true role model of the type of leader he advocates."

Once again, thanks! There were a great deal more comments just like these!

Robert Vlach Healthcare Human Resources Management Association of California

Thank you for customizing your presentation, “Delivering Exceptional Customer Satisfaction” for the Los Angeles chapter of Community Association Institute. Your approach to Customer Satisfaction captivated the audience by engaging them to participate in the presentation and providing a refreshing delivery. Every attendee was all ears and taking notes during the entire presentation. Taping the presentation to share with everyone in the CAI chapter with the sponsors’ testimonials was a major success. Jeff, you left the room vibrating with enthusiasm! We look forward to working with you in the future.

Linda Cardoza, Program Director, Community Association Institute, Los Angeles Chapter

Jeff Wolf received rave reviews for his session, The Essence of Effective Leadership, presented at our Women’s Leadership Summit. His session attendees described him as, “an engaging speaker passionate about imparting knowledge; extremely motivational and inspirational; an excellent session presenter~ the best I attended.” In addition to his outstanding speaking skills he also shared some terrific ideas for enhancing our next conference. I highly recommend Jeff Wolf!

Amy Billings, Program and Marketing Director, ATHENA International

Thanks for a great presentation to our Executive Committee. You covered the leadership topic right on target with what I was looking for. You were able to emphasize the elements that were important to our group and provided a dynamic conclusion to our Strategic Planning retreat. I received many enthusiastic responses from what I consider to be a "tough group" of senior executives.

Douglas Bernards, President & CEO, BERNARDS Builders/Management Services

Thanks so much Jeff, for helping to make California Staffing Professional's Owners Only Retreat, to be the greatest one yet. As usual, you were dynamic, energetic and had a great message to deliver to our attendees. I know that everyone went away inspired, enthused and ready to reach for those new heights. You've proven yourself once again to be a Key Note speaker that everybody wants to hear again and again. Some of the comments that were made by our attendees tell us that you were definitely one of the highlights of our two day event.

Judy Lawton, Event Director, California Staffing Professionals

Thank you for providing such a strong keynote presentation for our annual conference! Your insights and enthusiasm gave our membership great ways to effectively lead by example. Both our senior, more tenured members and our more junior folks were inspired to do great things! Just days later I've looked to employ many of the ideas presented at my firm.

Adam Severson Dorsey & Whitney LLP and Legal Marketing Association-Minnesota Chapter

I want to thank you for the riveting presentation you gave for our monthly Manager’s meeting in November. The presentation, “Roadmap to Service Excellence” hit the nail on the head for what we were trying to get across to our line managers. They are a great group of people and understand what to do but they all left the meeting with a renewed enthusiasm for the commitment to better customer service.

Your tie between service excellence and the strategic planning process was excellent. I believe that the managers truly understand the relationship that the strategic planning process has on service excellence.

I hope that your experience, with DMG, was equally as positive as ours was with you. We are looking forward to a continued relationship between Wolf Management and DMG as we continue to grow.

Thank you again for your time and expertise.

Rik Baier, CMPE, Chief Operating Officer, Du Page Medical Group

Your presentation was fabulous! “It’s All About People,” truly captivates the essence of the business world when it comes to the most important resources of a business, it’s people. Thank you for such an energized and motivating presentation. I highly recommend the videotape to those NCPA members who were not able to attend your presentation. Several members came to me to thank me for having you as the opening presenter. I look forward to working with you in the future.

Edye Bagheri NCPA, Board Member, Events Chair

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your keynote presentation at our national sales meeting. The comments from our field staff were outstanding!

The time you spent interviewing many of them showed in the presentation. It is not often that we get a speaker who knows so much about what we do, and can turn it into motivation for our staff.

Dick Bristol, Director, Ace Hardware Paint Division

Your presentation was great! We had a very diverse audience; everyone from middle management to upper management and you reached out to everyone and had something to say about all levels of leadership. It was information everyone could grasp and take away!

Sarah Bruckner, Community Relations Specialist, Building Industry Association Orange County

Jeff, we found you to be very energizing and uplifting. Your speaking style and voice inflection was a perfect match for our sales team and you provided some basic yet very important skills that we have applied and put to use the minute the conference ended. Sometimes as managers we forget to use common sense in dealing with our employees and as we kick off the new year with motivating our sales staff, it couldn't have been said better!

Elaine Ramirez, Director of HR, EMC Captiva Software

Jeff offered helpful insights on new approaches and effective execution of cross-selling and business development in general. It was good to have the importance of marketing reinforced. Jeff's telling of real-life stories was also a good teaching method.

Jon Schimmer, Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch

As secretary of Legal Marketing Association Southern California I would like to personally thank you for your very communicative speech. The fact that you engage the audience while giving your presentation is priceless. The part I really could relate to was when you said that writing a personal note is a lost art -- you are right and that is why I devised a letterhead cardstock notecard that fits into a number 10 envelope used for just that purpose. Thanks again for making our luncheon a success; your stories were very poignant and on-point.

Patee Barta, Secretary, LMA Southern California

Thanks very much for presenting The Essence of Effective Leadership to my CEO Effectiveness Group. We have a top rated business speaker to our group every month so our members are accustomed to ‘the best’ and they are also very weary of speakers with a so-called list of successful techniques to transform them all into highly effective leaders.

On every account, your presentation hit a homerun out of the park. Virtually every person had high praise about our meeting and about your excellent presentation. Several labeled it ‘the best meeting of the year’ which says a lot because we have had many very good meetings. Not only are you an interesting/entertaining speaker, but your talk is crammed full of easy to understand and apply approaches that each person can take back to their company and put into practice. I know of several who have already started applying some of your ‘Coaching’ ideas.

Jeff, you are a reason CEOs join my group and it’s speakers like you who give them the kinds of skills that make them more effective leaders and more successful business managers. Thanks so much, we are already planning your return to the group.

Bill Scherer CEO Effectiveness Workshops

Thanks so much for being the keynote speaker at our luncheon. I have already received excellent feedback from the members that were present and a number of those that missed the meeting have called me for your contact information. You really got the group excited with your terrific presentation on the work life balance we all try to achieve. The message was clear; the style was professional and informative while at the same time being entertaining.
We would love to have you back again to speak on another one of your topics.

Michael. A Furlano President San Diego Industrial Recreation Council

Thank you for all the energy and effort you put into your presentation.

One of the many take-aways I got from your talk was the reminder that we really do have the answers within ourselves and so do our employees. Cultivating a culture of employees who "think," and by requiring them to come up with the answers to their problems, will help them to become solvers, proactive rather than robotic employees on autopilot. As a parent I have to constantly remind myself not to do everything for my children because they need to experience things and learn. Sometimes I forget that as a manager/owner with my employees!

Michele Tassinari, Chief Relationship Officer, Synergy Solutions

I found you to be especially engaging and inspirational! Thanks for your huge contribution to making it a truly worthwhile retreat. Today, back in my office in Sonoma County--I'm excited!

Liz Pacini, President, Sonomapersonnel

Thank you for your highly entertaining and useful presentation, “Little Things Mean A Lot,” at the Chamber’s Get Connected Speaker Series. The information provided and your gregarious and informative style really clicked with our audience.

Your presentation was right on point as it relates to providing principles and strategies that our members could “plug into” their business right away. Our members came away from your presentation with practical tips that they could actually use! Several members have already expressed how happy they were that they came today. Hopefully, many attendees will apply your principles right away and soon see positive results.

Jeff, once again, thank you for your outstanding presentation. I hope to have the opportunity to recommend you soon.

Bill Holman, Vice President, Corporate Relations, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

I asked Jeff, who is one of The Sporting Club members, to give a broad presentation on customer service and satisfaction. The Club Managers all attended and later we had a short breakout session on the presentation.

We all found Jeff to be very engaging, he kept our attention the entire 2.5 hours (and with this group that's not easy!!) The material was interesting and tailored specifically for the fitness industry. Because Jeff took the time to make sure his presentation was geared to our club, the Managers were able to relate to everything he discussed. We left feeling re-energized and re-motivated with the common goal being that we give our members the best customer service possible. We are currently brainstorming on how to do that and how to make our club the best health and fitness club in San Diego. We all look forward to having Jeff back!

Teri Pickett, General Manager, The Sporting Club

Thank you so much for being the keynote speaker at our annual Holiday Toys for Tots luncheon. Your presentation was very well received and I received several comments at the conclusion that members were able to use some of your hints in their workplace. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to using you again in the future. Also, the catering director at the restaurant was able to peek in during your presentation and called me to say how professional and impressed she was with you!

Lynn Salopek, Sara Lee Corporation and NAFA President

Jeff's presentation was perfect. He was enthusiastic, informative and entertaining. His topic, "It's All About People", was right on target and just what our people needed to hear. We look forward to having Jeff participate again in the very near future.

Scott Everson, HBMA Pacific Rim, Event Chairman and Morf Management Group, Inc.

You did a great job and really know how to capture your audience!

Every year I come to these events and look to find 3 solid things that I can go back and implement. They are generally things about how I can communicate differently with the team that I have. I was lucky this year that I got all of that right on the first day!

Thank you for capturing my attention as so much of what you said came at the perfect time for me with a few situations that I am working with right now. Much success!

Tiffany Stuart, President, Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions

On behalf of the California Association of Collectors, Inc., I would like to thank you for presenting "Hiring, Training and Keeping Sales People" at CAC's 86th Annual Convention and Expo, in Newport Beach, California.

Attendees thought your presentation was outstanding! You addressed a topic that collection agency owners do not address and which can make or save them a substantial amount of money. Our desire to either help an agency make money or save money was certainly achieved by your program.

Jan P. Stieger, Executive Director

Thank you Jeff for making me look good! I'm always concerned when bringing in outside speakers, but it was immediately apparent that this would be no ordinary keynote. Your dynamic presentation style captured the audience and held their attention. The examples you were able to provide from your extensive experience was so valuable to our leaders.

On behalf of the management team at Applied Systems, I sincerely thank you for providing this valuable learning experience.

Tina Thompson, Director of Employee Learning and Development, Applied Systems, Inc.

Jeff, your presentation was not only on target with the topic but the delivery was fabulous! Your passion for leadership development came through loud and clear in the level of energy you brought to the session. Finding presenters for our meetings is easy - but finding good ones is not. You energized the group, provided valuable information, and impressed us deeply with your public speaking skills. Great job!

Valerie Gieseke, SPHR, Society of Human Resources Management, Event Chair and Tri-Ad

We were looking for a straightforward refresher on positive team managment with a view from the top. You certainly came through. From time to time Presidents of companies can lose sight of what got them where they are and we all need a short swift kick in the pants and a solid dose of reality. Thanks for the kick!.

Scott Robinson, Young Presidents' Organization

Jeff did an outstanding job presenting "Effective Leadership" to 200 of Career Education's senior managers. What impressed me most was the fact that he took the time to interview several participants prior to the conference in order to better understand the company and our needs regarding effective leadership. That information allowed Jeff to customize his presentation for our group.

Therefore, his examples were right on target and I continue to hear participants quote Jeff months after the conference. Thanks, Jeff, for a powerful presentation.

Patricia Kapper, Ed.D., Sr. VP of Education, Career Education Corporation

Thank you, Jeff, for an informative, motivating, and entertaining luncheon. It was clear from my observations and from the evaluation forms that the audience was completely engaged in your presentation. It certainly makes my job more rewarding when I have a speaker that under-promises and over-delivers!

Sue Johnson, Program Chair, North Coast District, Society of Human Resources Management

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your fabulous presentation to our group. The comments I received from our membership confirmed you were the best speaker of the day!

Not only did you provide us with fresh, new, valuable information and tools, but you sent our attendees out motivated to use them.

For any group or organization that wants a highly informative and motivational presentation, Jeff Wolf is a MUST HAVE SPEAKER!

Kristen Ebert, Board of Directors, Lansing Ad Club

Jeff Wolf's keynote presentation on "Leadership, Profitability and Survival" was not only motivational, but insightful and imminently practical for the new challenges faced by today's business leaders. He motivated us not to forget that even with today's challenges people are still a company's number one competitive advantage. Jeff showed us how great leaders can attract great people who in turn create great companies.

As I looked around the room I saw many business owners and executives furiously taking notes on his perceptive comments. One of our long time attendees stated we need to have more speakers just like Jeff at all of our future meetings.

Jeff not only encouraged and inspired us, but he also showed the path--the path that leads to the next level today's leaders must take to overcome tomorrow's challenges.

If your group includes business leaders and executives I would strongly encourage you to make the right choice and call Jeff Wolf today. You will not be disappointed!

Walt Winkelman, Founder & President, Business Sense, LLC

Thanks for a wonderful presentation. We received hands on information that we're already implementing this morning.

Kim Jones, President, RehabAbilities

Jeff’s presentation, "High Impact Supervisor Skills", was thoroughly presented and he related extremely well to the attendees. He used real life examples to demonstrate key points and completely answered everyone’s questions as well as adjusting the program to better meet the needs of the audience. Jeff has a broad range of topics that he frequently writes and speaks on and we look forward to future presentations by him.

Jan Stieger, Executive Director, California Association of Collectors, Inc.

Many thanks for your September 20 presentation; we at the Chamber have had a lot of positive feedback. Given the tragic events preceding the program, it was a difficult time for all of us to confront. Your comments about leadership and strength were very valid, especially in facing hard times as businesses attempt to recover from the losses of September 11... Attendees of your program appreciated the insights into how to be an effective leader through understanding the needs and concerns of their employees. We think that everyone took something very valuable from your suggestions back to their places of business.

Chantal Glass, Executive Director, French-American Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for speaking at our recent New Tax Manager Training in Chicago. It was clear from your presentation that you learned and were able to incorporate much of the language and culture of our firm. You were able to give an outsider's insight with the feel of an insider's understanding. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Persephone A. Nerge, Arthur Andersen

Jeff captured the attention of my team throughout the whole presentation. He customized his presentation to fit the needs of my salespeople and his presentation was energetic, stimulating and highly motivating. Everyone was completely energized and motivated to go out in the field and apply what they had learned. It was one of the most beneficial training classes that we have ever had.

Judy Friedman, Regional Sales Manager, AT&T/SBC

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on leadership at the TAP National Sales Meeting! I really learned alot and would like to share the highpoints with my fellow district members.

Kimberly, Health Systems Manager, TAP Pharmaceuticals

You're MARVELOUS! What a motivator!

Michelle Bergquist, The Corporate Basket

I just wanted to tell you that the presentation you did this morning was great. I am exploring alot of different ideas and opportunities. Your ideas about business leadership could not be put any better! You definitely have given me great ideas for motivating employees and empowering them with "attitude to succeed and want to work for you”. I will follow up with your workshops and seminars more in depth to learn and gain new strategies to increase the organization's overall bottom line!

William D. Warner, Global Trade Group

Just a small note to thank you for the excellent speaking job and professional PowerPoint for the NCPA HR Business Summit! The professionalism, take away information, and skills and knowledge you brought to the summit were exceptional. NCPA prides itself on only having the best!

I look forward to hearing you speak again. If there is anything that NCPA or I personally representing SDSU can do, please do not hesitate to call.

Wendy Evers, San Diego State University

I did not get a chance to meet you a few weeks ago at the NCPA meeting in Del Mar, but I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for coming and sharing your experiences with our group. It is not often that I come across individuals that truly mean what they say and can clearly present their beliefs to a group like you did. Your presentation has inspired me to consider doing things differently in my career.

Roger Stein, SPHR, Director, Human Resources, Cal State San Marcos Foundation

You are truly gifted! I was able to take some serious notes, including key phrases I can easily keep in my head.

Lisa McGuirk, Regional Manager, HelmsBriscoe Southern California

Thank you, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in our regional meeting. It was very nice getting to know you better as well. Your presentation was perfect! You really tailored it to our needs. Sandy, as well as others, commented on how wonderful you were. You really do love what you do and it shows!!!! Thanks again for making me look good by recommending you!”

Janet Caine, HelmsBriscoe

A sincere thanks for your great motivational program at our retreat! You are a refreshing speaker and our team appreciated your no-nonsense approach to professional sales practices.

Kelley Howard, Regional Manager, HelmsBriscoe

Your presentation was great & I've already started putting some of your suggestions into daily practice.

Skip Haag, Dir. of Business Development , Medrium, Inc.

Your presentation was well received and "right on the mark"!

Peggy McCloskey, Chief Compliance Officer, Medical Business Service, Inc

Thank you for a great presentation on Tuesday.

Mark Mularski, Abbott

Thank you for such a terrific presentation, I have heard nothing but words such as, motivating, energized, and inspirational!

Edye Bagheri, Sharp Mission Park Medical Centers

Thank you for your great motivational presentation at our HB Regional meeting. It was really inspiring and I learned new ways to look at things.

Janet Rothman, HelmsBriscoe

Many of my partners and associates made it a point to tell me how much they enjoyed the stories and information that you shared with us. Personally, I was truly amazed at how much you had learned about the culture of Blackman Kallick (over a short period of time) and how well you were able to aim your comments at our specific needs and attitudes.

Daniel J. Fensin, Managing Partner, Blackman Kallick Bartelstein, LLP

You thoroughly energized us and really connected with your knowledge of our specialized business. It was quite obvious to everyone that you spent a great deal of time customizing your presentation. I have seen a lot of speakers, but never a speaker who was so thoroughly prepared. You gave our company new and practical ideas on attitude, teamwork and customer service that everyone could take back and immediately use.

Barry Stewart, Performance Financial Corporation

My sincere thanks and appreciation for the outstanding presentation that you made at our practice administrators workshop......also....for stepping in with a second presentation "on the spot" within moments after another speaker canceled. You took what could have been a very unpleasant situation and turned it into a successful presentation filled with high energy, humor and great content.

Richard H. Paul, Illinois Association of Ophthalmology

You captured the full attention of the audience. Your enthusiasm was contagious and you made us realize just what a positive attitude can do!

Terry Whalen, V.P. Patient Administrative Services, University of Maryland Medical Center

Your presentation on "Time Management" was outstanding and provided us with many practical and useful ideas to incorporate into our daily activities. Our organization was looking to provide a speaker who was current and informative and you did that and more. As a result of your fine speech, we are confident we will be attracting new members and look forward to working with you again.

Lewis A. Kaplan, Director, North Suburban Networkers

Many of the points you made about leadership are taken for granted. It was nice to have you put them in perspective for us as we try to move our practice forward.

Joseph M. Adams, Managing Director, RSM McGladrey, Inc.

You received rave reviews. Your use of humor and personal stories was great in explaining important key points. Thanks for customizing your presentation to fit our needs.

Fred DeLeon, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Your contribution to our day last month was just perfect! Your enthusiasm and wonderful speech reflected the motivation and dynamics of those in attendance. Despite a disconcerting technical problem, we were so impressed that you maintained energy for the subject at hand. You even used the glitches and wove them into your speech. Wonderful!

Donell Bullock, Executive Director, Healthy DuPage

Everyone walked away with a new insight about our practice and themselves. You were fun, fast moving, dynamic and a fantastic communicator. You really did your homework and understood just what's important in successfully running our practice.

John J. Rayman Lieberman, Esq., Administrator, Lieberman Eye Associates

It is often a challenging task working with patients on billing matters, but you provided us with vital information and helpful techniques that will enable us to provide better patient satisfaction. The concepts you shared with us were simple and easy to incorporate into our challenging daily routine.

Char Kellner, Director, Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Your insightful and interesting presentation has undoubtedly provided the attendees with useful tools for the workplace. We hope to have begun a new tradition of this type of conference with your continued support, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Giuseppe Pinna, Director of Operations, and Leonora LiPuma, Director of Programs, Italian American Chamber of Commerce

You came through in a big way for us, giving us much needed inspiration and thought-provoking ideas as we go into a new year. It was obvious that you had done your homework, taking the time to get to know the YMCA and talking about fund raising issues that are critical to us at this time.

Carl Soderlund, Executive Director, Irving Park YMCA

We continually try to put what is best in front of our families, and your talk was an excellent example of that. Best wishes for continued success in your work of offering hope and possibility to so many.

Thomas J. Ondrla, President, St. Laurence High School

We have been stressing the values of dealing respectfully with co-workers for quite sometime and your enthusiastic presentation provided confirmation that it can improve our operation. Further, we have adopted your catch-phrase "check your attitude at the door" as a motto to build upon. I have heard our supervisory staff already use the phrase within their meetings to promote the professional approach Plaza is striving to maintain.

Paul R. Brennan, Executive Director of Operations, Plaza Associates

I would like to once again thank you for your terrific presentation at our Italian American Chamber of Commerce Midwest Leadership Conference last week. I walked away with some crucial insights from your topic."

Joseph B. Brocato, Attorney, Pedersen & Houpt

Your enthusiasm is contagious! You present sound material---and coming from a top-notch presenter, it resonates well with the audience.

Barbara Abelin, Cubic Corporation, Human Resources Vice President

Your presentation was FANTASTIC! The most inspiring seminar I’ve attended. Practical applications that can be implemented immediately. The role of leadership was clearly defined. An extremely valuable seminar for any level of manager, particularly the top! In baseball jargon, “you hit the ball out of the park.” Thanks so much.

Garrett Colbert, Director of Business Development, Lynch Interactive

Great job. You are a natural and gifted speaker.

Judith Andry, Director of Events, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

As a first time attendee and member of HBMA, I really enjoyed your presentation!! As I'm sure you are aware, constantly working, one looses perhaps the energy to continually project the positive attitude - - and focus on the mental well being of the organization. Your presentation re-energized my determination and confirmed many of the leadership ideals I believe in!

James V. Proffitt III, COO, MedAmerica Billing Services Inc.

Your presentation was wonderful and something that my management team and I needed just at the right time. Thank you!

Phyllis Cook

I have to tell you that morale has been pretty low around here since the acquisition, because of the economy, etc., but when I left there yesterday, I felt like a new woman!!!

Thanks for the great presentation! I actually came back and gave Tracy Trent, (EVP & GM) a copy. Hopefully he will read through the pages and get at least a small percentage of the positive energy I got from your presentation.

Linda Jimeniz-Nance

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