Michael Frugé

Michael Frugé is an Executive Coach with extensive domestic and international experience in more than 25 Countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America. He has worked with individuals and groups at all organization levels, from senior executives to first-line supervisors and employees in represented and non-represented companies. He specializes in the areas of leadership development, executive coaching and organization effectiveness.  His work, for the past thirty years, has focused on developing leaders; strengthening team leadership and helping senior executive teams align strategies, structure and people with business direction.  Michael has a solid track record in delivering outstanding results in improving working relationships and strengthening group processes in communication, decision making, and role clarity with a special emphasis on High Performance Teams and Virtual Teams.

Michael earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees in Education from Central Michigan University. Since then he has served as a consultant and coach to numerous executives and leadership teams including General Motors Corporation, Atlantic Richfield Company, British Petroleum, Avon Products Inc., Bank of America, Washington Mutual, Johnson & Johnson, Fluor Corporation, LSG Sky Chef, Sun Microsystems, Intel and the Child Welfare League of America in Washington, D.C.  Consistent feedback from clients supports Michael’s unique ability to translate theory into practice in post coaching environments.

The effects of managing self-awareness on performance are critical to Michael’s philosophy and approach in coaching clients.  His assessment techniques for enhancing this awareness is grounded in the use of multi-rater feedback methods, along with organizational culture and climate surveys, Michael also has extensive experience with a wide variety assessment tools to meet client’s needs like the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Step II), The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior (FIRO-B), Driver Decision Styles, Hogan Leadership Derailers,  Hay Group’s Emotional Intelligence Inventory (ECI), The Campbell Leadership index and assessment Inventories, and the Denison Culture and Leadership Development surveys.

He has also co-authored articles which have been featured in national publications on Competency Models and Leadership Development including Employment Relations Today ("Software-Assisted Performance Feedback Increases Personal and Organizational Success."), Training Magazine ("Performance Dimensions: Competencies with A Twist."), Executive Development Journal ( "Teaching Middle Managers to Think Like Executives." ), and Special contributor to “Johnson & Johnson Global Supply Chain Case Study” (from the book “Best Practices in Leading the Global Workforce”); and textbook and instructor's manual to Michael E. Brock, "Dynamics of Supervision."  Dryden Press, Division of Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada Limited.

A presenter at major conferences on Developing High Performance Teams and Leadership Development, he has also spoken on such topics as Assessing Board Leadership: Understanding How Individual and Team-based Behaviors Affect Board Productivity; Designing, Implementing and Measuring Competency Based Organizational and Management Development; Understanding Values and Behaviors required to be Successful in Today’s Work Environment; Framework Design for Management Education for Executives, Managers and Supervisors.

Before joining Wolf Management Consultants, Michael was Managing Partner of the HRD Group which represented organization development practitioners who are acknowledged by their clients in designing and delivering outstanding, results-driven, Executive Leadership Programs.

Prior to establishing the HRD Group in 1994, Michael was Consulting Director for Johnson & Johnson Learning Services, Manager of Human Resource Development, ARCO Oil & Gas Company, Manager Organization Development, ARCO Transportation Company, Personnel Generalist, General Motors Corporation, Fisher Body Division, Grand Blanc, MI.


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