Hans Muessig

Hans Muessig has over twenty years experience in the fields of IT management, customer relationship management, and organizational effectiveness. He has held leadership positions in private industry and higher education. He is an open and “out-of-the-box” thinker and an accomplished coach, teacher and trainer, catalyst, and change agent. He brings a rich, patient, and nuanced perspective to the sometimes thorny challenges of B-to-B customer relationship management – at what he calls the “customer interface” between sales and service teams, and their clients. Hans gives Wolf Management Consultant’s clients a competitive edge, a differentiator, in working with their business partners.

Hans spent eleven years at AT&T as a sales manager, data network consultant, and project manager. For the last five years Hans managed AT&T’s Total Account Management program (TAM) for the Enterprise segment – Fortune 2000 – of AT&T clients. TAM is a comprehensive sales effectiveness program for building and maintaining strategic relationships with clients. He also managed the Shared Expectations program (part of TAM) and greatly expanded that program from 10 sessions per year, to 155 sessions globally per year four years later (460 sessions total over five years). Directly or indirectly these sessions contributed over $1 billion in net new revenue to AT&T. Hans facilitated over 200 sessions – nearly 50 globally – and trained 7 additional facilitators. One-third of the Fortune 100 companies participated in Shared Expectations sessions, often multiple times. Shared Expectations is a “best practice” being adopted widely; the process results in increased revenue and measurable improvements in client satisfaction.

Shared Expectations is one component of Hans’ expertise in sales and service effectiveness, customer relationship management, and organizational effectiveness. This broad and detailed experience with clients across multiple industries and regions of the world allows Hans to bring many insights to the challenges at the customer interface, whether in the “front office” where a business sells, partners, and works with clients; or in the “back office” as they fulfill client orders and work with suppliers. Equally at home dealing with process challenges, CRM issues, or sales strategies, Hans gives teams the advantage they need to survive and excel in these challenging times.

Examples of Hans’ experience include:

  • Working with a major provider of Medicare Part D client services, to develop their long-range implementation plan to support the Part D program as it was launched.
  • Guiding the project team from a major airline and their telecommunications provider through finalizing the processes for a successful 250 site network and station equipment refresh.
  • Facilitating a series of strategic planning meetings with a global telecommunications solutions provider, with the goal of engaging in a more robust, proactive strategic planning process with their telecommunications partner (who saw a significant increase in revenue as a result).
  • Working with a major airline to identify and prioritize projects for the upcoming eighteen months, and to assign resources from both the airline and their telecommunications solutions provider to complete the projects.
  • Facilitating a series of Shared Expectations sessions and planning meetings in Asia Pac, Australia, India, and North America with a major global IT solutions provider. The goals achieved included tighter operational execution, communication, and planning; greater consistency of processes across the globe; and proactive strategic planning.
  • Working for more than four years with a major North American office supply company to achieve greater operational efficiencies and strategic synergies with its telecommunication provider. What was a challenged relationship is now a proactive, strategic one that benefits both parties and has them working collaboratively on “futures.”
  • Leading a team that identified process and communications issues within the service delivery organizations at a global telecommunications provider, and developed and documented best practices and standardized processes. The BPS project significantly improved service delivery times (by over 50% in many cases) and increased client satisfaction.
  • Assisting dozens of teams (clients and their partners) to identify and correct process and communications challenges in the sales and client service areas. Hans has followed the success of many of these teamsand helped them adapt and develop “best practices” which Hans then shares with other teams.

Prior to joining AT&T Hans served as CIO and Director of IT Services for a major food products co-packer, where he launched and directed a four-year process, application, and infrastructure reengineering project.

Hans is an experienced coach, trainer, and facilitator, a trained conflict mediator, and a qualified neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota State Supreme Court. He is a graduate of Carleton College and holds a masters degree in History from the University of Iowa. He enjoys international travel, camping and canoeing in northern Minnesota, photography, and his three Welsh Springer Spaniels.


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