Lawyer Burnout

Lawyer Burnout

Jeff Wolf, President, RCC

Last October, our featured article, Coaching to Alleviate Lawyer Burnout, became the most popular legal article in our 20 year history.

We received calls and emails from law firms around the country to inquire about our training and coaching Burnout Programs.  

From this feedback, we found the preferred program to be a short 1-2 hour training workshop followed up that day with individual one-on-one confidential coaching.

This provides lawyers specific tools to address burnout during the training workshop and then a systematic way to implement the tools in the confidential coaching session focused on individual needs.  Ongoing coaching is available to continue the process.

Attorney burnout will not go away and studies have shown that it becomes worse without proper intervention, coaching or training.

All programs are customized to fit the unique needs of your firm to address the problems of burnout affecting your lawyers and CLE Credit may apply.

Burnout has devastating consequences for a lawyer, their family, the firm, its clients and their colleagues.

Our customized program will help lawyers build a better practice for a fulfilling and satisfying career.

Please contact us to discuss how we may work with your firm to provide your attorneys with the tools to address one of the mostpressing problems facing the legal profession today.

We may be reached at 858-638-8260 or



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