How Come We Don't Keep the Change?

How Come We Don't Keep the Change?

Gary de Rodriguez

Ever wonder why people learn new systems for personal and professional improvement, yet remain the same? How do people change and keep the change? How do they implement new systems and work as a team to evolve for the better? If we really knew the answers to these questions, companies could finally deliver the deeper change to the problem areas of their organizations and would actually produce the desired result.

People desire to improve and evolve personally and professionally to succeed. The question is: Do they process the tools to achieve those desired changes so they can meet those professional and personal objectives? Oftentimes the answer is not in another team building course or even in a new management style; it lies within how each individual manages their own thinking. The context where our thinking becomes the most distorted is within our communication and relationships with others.

The key to all personal and professional success lies within our ability to be in relationships. The primary relationship, which generally is ignored, is the relationship to our self. You only bring to the context of your relationships with others, the relationship you have with yourself. It is evident that interpersonal life skills are as important as technical skills for the bottom line.

How can an organization help their individual members gain a better relationship with themselves and improve their fundamental life skills? The answer: Find the most effective system and give them the tools.

One effective system, called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), is the owner's manual for the human mind. It's the study of the personal and professional strategies of some of the most effective human beings. With NLP, these strategies can be understood, duplicated, and taught to individuals to improve their effectiveness in life. NLP has a wide spectrum of professional and personal development technologies that change beliefs, enhance values, develop, and deepen our understanding of others.

NLP tools step an individual out of victimization, fear, and covert hostility into accountability and action. These foundational life skills are beneficial across the contexts of life's experience and transforms how a person performs in the workplace and their personal life. They are tools for life.

An organization is only as healthy as its individual members just like a body is only as healthy as its composite cells. People desire to know how to change and become more flexible in an ever-changing work environment but few are ever trained effectively to achieve that deeper personal and professional transformation. NLP is the system of how this particular change can occur and how individuals can keep their change.



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