Coaching… The Secret of Superstars

Coaching… The Secret of Superstars

Vince Crew

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Superstar singers, athletes, actors, and an increasing number of business leaders know the secret of personal coaches.

Coaching can benefit executives and succession planning candidates by providing a “safe” confidant to bounce ideas off of, brainstorm, discuss very sensitive issues, navigate troubling situations, and act as a ‘sparring partner’ for ideas and strategies before announcing or acting on them.

It is “lonely at the top,” and many very high level executives find that having a coach in the background is truly a ‘secret weapon’ and provides a competitive edge over those who try to ‘go it alone.’ Coaching is a very trusting relationship that entails goal setting and skills development to ultimately lead an executive to a better future.

Companies that want to accelerate the development of high potential executives find coaching to be effective and efficient in increasing confidence and competencies. Further it can both off-load and complement in-house leadership development initiatives.

Have you reached a level of confidence and success and you’re ready to accomplish even more?

Have there been significant changes in your life that are draining your energies from your overall performance?

Have you been presented an opportunity that exceeds your current responsibilities? Then a coach may be just what’s needed.

Can’t a Mentor, Consultant or Seminar Achieve the Same Results?

Company Mentors are effective with aiding employees in understanding the politics and culture of the company. They can advise on internal ways; however, they are not always ‘safe’ when discussing difficult situations within the company. A coach is able to discuss life-outside-of-the-firm and how to become well rounded with skills that go beyond your current function or company culture.

Consulting work is focused on specific business issues, usually surrounding process, policy, or procedures. Coaching is focused on YOU.

A coaching relationship enables you to focus on competencies as well as find balance with the demands of your leadership role. The process targets your ability to improve your effectiveness as a well-rounded leader.

Seminars provide short-term motivation, tips and perspectives. Attendance may spur awareness and interest, but does not provide follow up, follow through, application and implementation assistance with newly gained information. Coaching provides an ‘accountability partner’ to help you.

At Wolf Management, we coach leaders including CEOs, presidents, board members, senior executives, management team members, high potential individuals and other key talent. Our coaching programs are future oriented, strengths-based, and aspiration driven. They provide the foundation for achievement of personal and organizational goals, and the tools and understanding to face and overcome your most significant challenges.



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