Can Troubles, Transitions, and Turmoil Be a Boon to Your Business?

Can Troubles, Transitions, and Turmoil Be a Boon to Your Business?

Aliah K. Majon, Ph.D. D.D.

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Understandably, the recession forced many companies to swiftly react with deep and drastic measures, and such short-term strategies were typically designed to meet the threat of sobering and harsh realities. However, now that it’s clear that businesses have begun a necessary period of slow-growth, and that post-recession circumstances are bringing new challenges, it is imperative that businesses learn to “ride the wave” of uncertainty. To do this, what you will require as a Business Leader is the tool of TRANSITION-Training™, which delivers the ability to literally find the “boon” in your troubles, transitions and turmoil. This information is profoundly simple, but unfortunately not always easy to implement without support and the assistance of step-by-step training.

The message is this… That troubles, transitions and turmoil are actually “doorways” to a better future. And, although, they admittedly often appear in disguise, you can learn to face them with ease and mastery, and be able to transform them into insight, inspiration and a reason for creativity and far-reaching thinking. Which begs the question: How exactly is this done?

By first OVERCOMING these first three “C” words:

  1. Control
  2. Confusion
  3. Concern

And, then by unwaveringly EMBRACING these last three “C” words:

  1. Change
  2. Clarity
  3. Commitment

THE KEY: The objective is to mentally “reconstruct” situations that you would usually describe as “troubles, transitions and turmoil” into the much more empowering viewpoint of them being a TURNING POINT… In other words, to shift your point of view to a “positive focus” and, thereby, alter the nature of the experiences you are having. And, you will come to understand that your visions of business and your personal attitudes are far more malleable than you may have imagined – and changing how you see something literally changes the reality. To explain, TRANSITION-Training™, re-trains your outlook and how you think about things, so that you hold a vision that not only gives you a capable handle on the situations, whatever they may be, but you also become an “accomplished surfer” of the many waves of uncertainty that are so prevalent in today’s world.

CONSIDER THIS: How you view something, specifically, how you hold it in your mind is what that thing will become to you. Let me use the simple example of the news of rainfall coming. For a person who knows that a large amount of rainfall in the past resulted in an unwelcome flood of their property, hearing a forecast about a big rain is unpleasant and worrisome news. On the other hand, for a farmer whose land has suffered a drought for many weeks now, and whose crops sorely need water, to even hear that there is a possibility of “heavy rainfall” will feel like a gift and a boon.

When your company is faced with troubles, transitions or turmoil the key to riding the wave of what is going on is this: ALWAYS THINK OF IT AS A “BOON”, AND NOT AS A BUST. The way to do that is to learn how to overcome tendencies that you may have to want to ”control” the situation, to feel “confused” about what to do, or to allow “concern” to be your dominant thought. Instead, it will make a tremendous difference and bring more success if your attention is on the many opportunities that “change” brings, the gift of “clarity” and the powerful regenerating force of your own “commitment.” That way, both you and your business will reap the benefit of a better reality, which is as simple as putting on a new pair of goggles while you are surfing the big and adventurous waves of required change!



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