5 Powerful Lessons I Share With Law Firm Leaders

5 Powerful Lessons I Share With Law Firm Leaders

Jeff Wolf, President, RCC

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1. Leaders DO Make a Difference
A law firm’s fate is determined by the quality of its leadership. Good leaders can take a faltering firm and turn it into an innovative powerhouse. By the same token, mediocre leaders can run even world-class firms into the ground. We’ve seen enough examples of both scenarios to know they really happen yet many leaders don’t understand how to emulate the success stories and avoid the cautionary tales.  

2. It’s All About People
How do law firms create an engaged workforce of people who do excellent work because they want to? Leaders need to motivate their people and teams to achieve peak performances, teamwork and personal satisfaction.

3. The Most Productive Firms Are the Result of High-Performance Teams
Strong teams drive success, and the most productive firms are those that have strong, high performing teams of people working together to produce extraordinary results. When you combine ideas, talents, personalities and abilities together to complement one another, the outcome is an unbelievable success story.

4. It’s a VUCA World OutThere... and Leaders Need 3 Specific Skills to Thrive
We are living in a VUCA world…volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. In order for firms to remain competitive, leaders have to be flexible, adaptable and agile. They have to be responsible for driving change and innovation throughout the firm for current and future success.

5. The Most Effective Leaders Are Coaches
When leaders master the art of coaching, their people become highly engaged, loyal to the firm and enthusiastic for the work they do. Coaching is a skill to be embraced as a superior management tool. Effective coaching ultimately reduces turnover and improves productivity.

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