Validation for Pre-employment Testing

Validation for Pre-employment Testing

Pre-employment testing can be a very effective and cost efficient way to assess whether candidates, either individually or in a group setting, possess the necessary minimum skills and abilities needed to successfully perform key job tasks.

Effective pre-employment testing programs require that reliability, validity, fairness and utility be designed into the process. In addition, they must comply with various technical, professional and legal standards. Inattention to these standards may result in wasted resources, poor staffing decisions, and costly litigation.

We help clients in the design and implementation of fair and valid testing processes for selecting and placing current employees into the jobs for which they are best suited. We work with the client to determine the most appropriate validation strategy for their situation including custom test development or validation of off-the-shelf instruments.

We also provide documentation to comply with all professional standards and federal guidelines that relate to the development and use of personnel selection methods.


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