Utilizing Metrics to Improve Operations and the Client Experience

Utilizing Metrics to Improve Operations and the Client Experience

In this workshop, we will provide the steps that will go a long way in helping Clients feel that way.

I. When we measure activities and results, with incentives to encourage the achievement of business objects, things get done.

A. Every firm is different. One size does not fit all. Same with Clients. A policy is not the way to WOW your Clients.
B. Create actionable, measurable, consistent ways to monitor the WOW factor and retention of your Clients.
C. Get consensus from those in the center of gravity as to what works and what doesn’t.

II. Develop a Client resolution rate.

A. Reply time to the first contact with Client service issue.
B. Monitor Complaint backlogs.
C. Evaluate number and frequency of escalated cases to upper management.

III. Satisfaction is not the objective. WOW, your Clients.

A. Watch the trends.
B. Create a way to capture Client WOW using videos, social media, etc.
C. Track by category. Revise after reflection. Start again. Get better each time.

Because we customize these workshops for each firm, we can create …

  • Your most dramatic Client value propositions.
  • Create a trusting, peer-level relationship with that Client.
  • Use language efficiently to gain Client commitment.
  • Close Client engagements with a minimum of labor intensity.
  • Expand business steadily and increase referrals continually.
  • Maximize time efficiency.
  • Gain visibility in the marketplace.
  • Leverage existing contacts.
  • Provide high quality first, and lasting, impressions.
  • Manifest a clear and compelling value to engage new Clients.
  • Leverage your current strengths.
  • Decrease your labor intensity.
  • Create "next level business development skills”.
  • Create a solid support system within your offices.
  • Jettison the emotional and tangible "business as usual anchors" which are holding firms back from retaining more Clients.

What You Will Learn:

  • Adapt field-tested business insights to assess and improve your Client Service.
  • Determine how you can differentiate your service to become a provider of choice.
  • Design quality Client service standards to create a consistent service experience.
  • A better understanding of the processes that promote a culture that consistently delivers exceptional service.
  • Efficiently recover from a service failure and turn it into an opportunity to strengthen client relationships.

At the conclusion, attendees will be shown how to have:

  • Better building rapport with Clients,
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Increase listening skills with attention and empathy.
  • Maintain a positive and courteous manner.
  • Establish rapport and building relationships.
  • Interact with Clients face to face.
  • Communicating with Clients over the phone.
  • Interacting with Clients via email.
  • Dealing with Difficult Clients.
  • Things to WOW every time.
  • Understanding the Clients' Problem.
  • Staying Inside the Box.
  • Going the Extra Mile.


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