Total Salability

Total Salability

Workshop Overview

Wondering how to turn your Sales Team into a Selling Machine?
Worrying about making quota every month?
Trying to clear the roadblocks to sales success without much success?
Having trouble getting a consistent performance from all your performers?

Turning your Team into a Selling Machine starts with training. And there is no place better to start than with Total Salability. This comprehensive workshop will take your sales staff through all the building blocks necessary for sales success. They will have a renewed commitment to achievement!

Participants will learn the proper methods of preparation and Client Targeting, Identifying and Influencing your customer’s Animal Styles™, Gaining Agreement through Power Questions, the two Biggest Roadblocks to Sales Success, Closing and Negotiating more business, Listening Skills and much, much more. This workshop is chock full of interactive exercises and role plays and will turn your sales mouse into a lion.

This workshop can easily serve as the foundation for your new sales training or as a catalyst to growth for your existing sales team.

Optional modules may be included such as Major Account Sales, Telemarketing, etc. Customization is available upon request. Elements of this course were designed and implemented for an organization that grew from zero to $1B in five years.

Workshop Length: 2 days

Who Should Attend this Event:

All levels of sales personnel within an organization.

Workshop Outcomes

Participants of this event will leave with:

  • Learn how to target prospects and find the “Big Dogs” for every department
  • Create your own style and maximize its effectiveness
  • Clearly and consistently gain agreement by using Power Questions
  • Learn to listen, facilitate and close more business
  • Enhance your sales and transaction size through negotiations
  • Learn the Animal Styles™ and how to master each beast
  • Knowing the customer, their personal style, and how to maximize each interaction

Workshop Topics

  • Analyzers vs. Authorizers
  • Prospecting: finding the Gold
  • Gaining Agreement - NOW
  • Power Questions and their usage
  • Wants vs. Needs
  • Listening: the Sounds of Silence
  • Double Your Money the easy way
  • ‘Time Travel’
  • Animal Styles™, Recognize, React, Respond


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