The Successful Manager: Strengthening Essential Skills

The Successful Manager: Strengthening Essential Skills

A 4-part webinar series for managers.

Recall how it feels to be managed well...what it’s like to be motivated and inspired. Whether you are new to management or have been managing for some time, this webinar series helps you assess how well you are currently performing and strengthen the skills needed to be successful in your management role. Whether it's educating, delegating, coaching, resolving conflict or solving problems, this series will activate new management competencies to empower you and your team.

Session 1: Keys to Successful Management: Understand Motivation and Give Effective Feedback
Understand Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how they apply to work motivation
Distinguish the behaviors and activities of a manager versus an individual contributor.
Behavior #1: Focus on Specific Performance and Outcomes:  Why it’s important, opportunities to demonstrate, and how to craft the message.
Follow-up Homework Assignment

Session 2: Let’s Talk About it! Foster Open Dialogue, Set Goals and Build Productive Teams
Behavior #2: Foster Open Communication with Employees:  Explore effective management behaviors. Learn skills to give and receive info/feedback.
Behavior #3: Actively Listen to Employees & Issues: Take an “active listening” quiz.  Learn a formula for empathic listening.
Behavior #4: Set Goals and Follow Up:  Create and review SMART goals. Identify four different ways (oral/written, formal/informal) to follow up on assigned work or goals.
Behavior #5: Build & Maintain Productive and Results-Based Relationships:  Analyze how the team works well together, how they can improve, and how they share information and power effectively.
Follow-up Homework Assignment

Session 3:  Savvy Performance Management: Develop & Coach for Maximum Performance
Management Activity #1: Coach to Maximize Performance: Learn a 7-step process to Developmental Coaching, purposes, and how to execute the steps.
Management Activity #2: Coach to Improve Sub-Standard Performance:  Learn a 7-step process to Performance Improvement Coaching through a case study.
Follow-up Homework Assignment

Session #4:  Problems Solved: Delegate, Resolve Conflict, and Solve Business Conundrums
Management Activity #3: Delegate: Explore the benefits of delegation. Learn a 6-step process to successful delegation, purpose, and how to execute the steps.
Management Activity #4: Conflict Resolution: Discuss the pros and cons of five conflict resolution strategies. Brainstorm the steps to successful mediation.
Management Activity #5:  How to Solve Non-Interpersonal Business Problems. Learn a 4-step model for solving business conundrums (systems, processes, or procedures). Explore how to brainstorm and critically evaluate ideas.


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