Teambuilding: Team Up for Success

Teambuilding: Team Up for Success

The most prosperous and productive organizations are those that have strong, high performing teams of people who can work together in a synergistic fashion to produce extraordinary results. Every person is endowed with knowledge, talents and skills that allow them to prove their benefit to the organization. Yet when combined with others, the ideas, talents, personalities, and abilities all compliment one another and enable the team to produce extraordinary results: growing the organization, strengthening the work unit and empowering individuals in the process. This is what TEAM UP is all about.

This interactive, facilitated experience allows participants to engage in fun, interactive and experiential activities related to various skills and behaviors necessary to maximize team performance. The fundamental skills developed through these activities are then applied to work place settings. The group develops best practices catapulting them to working together as a high performing team. Listed below are the focal points of the program:

  1. Review the 10 Characteristics for High Performing Teams
  2. Define the mission of the team, chart a common vision and discern core goals
  3. Conduct at Team Diagnosis to assess leadership, decision-making, communication, values, goals, vision and more
  4. Engage team members in active problem-solving of issues affecting the team
  5. Create team meeting formats which engage all members
  6. Develop meaningful team recognition tools and programs
  7. Develop peer support initiatives
  8. Shift old cultural and thought paradigms so that a new culture can be created
  9. Build strong relationships among team members
  10. Discern what it will take from every member in order for the team to turn over a new leaf and begin anew

Time Frame:
1 day

Group Size:

employees, front line-middle & senior managers, executives

Format: interactive & experiential utilizing group activities, small group dialogues to determine effective practices relevant to the organization

Client pre-requisites:
tele-conference or face-to-face meeting with facilitator to ensure alignment between curriculum and manager growth & development and organizational goals;

discussion surrounding current team challenges or changes occurring within the organization;

facilitator receives copies of the organization's mission, values and goals along with samples of manager grade-level job


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