Teambuilding Programs

Teambuilding Programs

Program Options: Teambuilding Fundamentals – Experiential Workshops

Building A High-Performance Team, Team Basics: This foundational program presents the principles of effective teamwork and building high performing teams. Every team and work group goes through stages of development. Whether the group is a newly formed project team or a long-standing management team, it most likely struggles with power & control issues, intimacy & boundary issues, collaboration & integration issues, and termination & new beginnings. Every team deals with all of these issues. This workshop heightens the awareness of these stages. The workshop also helps team members develop the skills necessary to effectively deal with challenges that occur during each phase and create effective practices for group work. (1/2 to one day)

Communication and Information Processes: Communication clarity, information sharing styles-tools-methods, and feedback cycles are all covered in this half-day workshop. Fun, interactive experiential activities are used to accentuate some common communication challenges that teams struggle with. The session will culminate with a strategic planning session so that the team can map out the methods, tools and processes that will allow them to most effectively manage open communication. (1/2 to one day)

Decision Making, Problem-Solving and Thinking Tools: Knowledge is not the same as Thinking. There are many people on teams who know a lot, yet still struggle with decision-making, problem solving and simply assessing the what-when-why of situations. Use of ‘Six Thinking Hats’ enable a team to quickly assess any situation, gather the information relevant to their immediate needs, and arrive at a consensus decision. Whether the team is struggling with various aims, goals, objectives, values or first steps in a process... the thinking tool box outlines the methods that will be most efficient in arriving at and effective decision. (1/2 to one day)

Team Leadership: Explore the continuum of leadership styles and begin to use the leadership compass – a new tool for the holistic management of a team. This workshop will explore the importance of, and integration of leadership & team vision, team project and planning processes, relationship building, and result attainment & evaluation processes. Collaborative Leadership models are highlighted and applied to day-to-day team management challenges. (1/2 to one day)

Team Meeting Facilitation: Facilitation is the merging of art and skill. Team leaders & members must understand and be able to apply concepts of leadership, artful persuasion, training, time management, meeting planning, strategic thinking, and conflict resolution... so that their team meetings are effective and efficient. This workshop will focus on the review of meeting management skills and help participants understand the nuances of managing personalities, time, outcomes, and more. Participants will assess meetings they currently participate in, conceptualize the "perfect" meeting, address challenges to effective meeting facilitation, and practice their newly found skills. (1/2 day)

Program Options: Teamwork Dynamics— Experiential Physical Challenges

Corporate Climb: Stand-Alone or Combined with Workshop Modules The Corporate Climb is a unique experiential activity which, when used to complement one of our classroom training modules, is a fun, exciting way to teach teamwork concepts. Through several indoor rock climbing challenges, both climbers and non-climbers quickly experience how their decisions and actions impact others. Climbing initiatives are integrated with several classroom discussions which translate the learning back to the workplace. Corporate Climb initiatives can be offered with the following modules: a) Creatrix; b) Myers-Briggs; c) Customer Focus; d) Creating High Performance Teams. (1/2 to one day)

Teambuilding Games: Stand-Alone or Combined with Workshop Modules From a giant spider web to crossing a "toxic" river to navigating a "mine" field blindfolded, unite people and productivity with problem-solving games and activities, which use metaphors to link experiences to specific work site issues. There are many formats, exercises and activities to choose from; we custom design each program to meet specific requirements — to improve communication, build trust, improve collaboration, etc. (1/2 to one day)

Program Options: Work Style & Team Relations —Experiential Assessment Workshops

Creatrix Inventory™: The Creatrix ™ Process is about accelerating innovation in a team or organization. The key to new ideas and people's willingness to take risks to drive new ideas forward is their ability to tap into their propensity for creativity and risk taking. The Creatrix Inventory ™ profiles risk-taking and creativity, and identifies seven underlying drivers of behavior. Through fun creativity exercises, participants learn how they contribute to team and organizational innovation. (1/2 to one day)

Personality Types and Impact on Teams (Myers Briggs/DISC): Work style preference assessment tools such as the Myers Briggs or DISC help team members learn about their preferences for communicating, making decisions, problem-solving and interacting with others. Discussions and exercises demonstrate how one's "type" influences team members, and, how differences can make the team stronger. The session may include one or more experiential activities to promote greater interpersonal understanding. (1/2 day to one day)

Program Options: Teambuilding Retreat— Customized Team Interventions

Teambuilding Retreat: Customized Multi-day Teambuilding Intervention The teambuilding retreat is a highly customized event based on a diagnostic of team effectiveness and performance capabilities. The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the team through a combination of surveys and one-on-one interviews. Based on the assessment of team development needs specific teambuilding activities and events are selected and employed in one to three day offsite retreat with the team. The retreat includes an educational component on team fundamentals and teamwork behaviors and sharing of the team assessment results as well as a variety of experiential teambuilding activities of both a classroom and physical nature directed to address specific development needs. (one day to three days)

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