Sustainability - Winning the War for Talent

Sustainability - Winning the War for Talent

Any organization employs systems in order to benefit from economies of scale, the learning curve and the experience curve. The engines driving these systems are people. We know from experience that people are fallible. However, studies into “human error” show that 75-94% of all incidents are systemic i.e. they are inherent to the system and not directly attributable to individual or groups of people.

Here are the main conclusions from the study in human error that was only concluded in 1990:

  • “Human error is not the cause of failure but the symptom of a failing system”.
  • “Although we cannot change the human condition –the fact that man is fallible- we can change the conditions under which humans work”.

The war for talent has several components contributing to its phenomenon:

  • Numerical presence of a required talent
  • Specific demand for a talent
  • Turn-over rate of individual talent

Studies show that people leave supervisors, not jobs. Consequently, reducing the incident rate of human error and the effect of the war for talent show interesting correlations.

Who Should Participate

Executives and Senior Managers in charge of:

  • Personnel (Human Resources/Capital)
  • Strategic growth initiatives and sustainability
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Climate
  • Resource Management


Participants will take-away:

  • Recognizing the limited influence of individual people or groups of people on over-all performance
  • Recognizing the critical role of organizational climate on over-all performance
  • Understanding the “Ironies of Automation”

Key Topics

  • How to obtain voluntary commitment from employees?
  • Sustainability and the role of training and communication
  • Human Factors Analysis and Classification System


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