Strategic Planning For Success

Strategic Planning For Success

Wolf Management Consultants, LLC (WMC) offers successful strategic planning in this unique menu to assist you with making your organizational vision reality. Your vision marks the beginning of strategic planning. When you establish a direction for the organization with strategic planning, you take major steps to put your vision into action. Your strategic planning team may choose to use all of the following phases or select from among the many options to best suit your organizational needs. We customize for YOU.

Phase I - Advance Preparation

Consultation: The strategic planning team, with the assistance of Wolf Management Consultants, starts the success planning cycle by examining the history of where the organization has been by defining the present. We may recommend distribution of questionnaires, interviews with individuals, or focus groups to assist us in constructing a framework for the future.

Purpose: The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain information about the organization's history and present circumstances. The questionnaire elicits viewpoints and expectations of participants, and issues that need to be discussed. Through interviews with individuals and groups, we can identify driving forces and inhibiting forces within the organizational system that support or stand in the way of accomplishing the purpose.

Benefit: You will gain a clear picture of where the organization has been, where it is now, and where the team wants to go for the future. By identifying this information prior to the planning session, we save leaders' valuable time.

Phase II - Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: Leaders communicate the vision and with the team develop a shared mission and sense of purpose for the organization. "Where there is vision, people will flourish."

Values: Values are the priorities upon which the strategic planning team bases its decisions. Beginning with the values of the organization, the team determines the organizational direction, mission or purpose.

Purpose: Wolf Management Consultants facilitates this session to bring together the strategic planning group as an effective team. We work together, using the major issues identified in the advance preparation to develop the company vision, mission and values.

Benefit: We assist the team to reach consensus and become focused on what they aim to achieve. By identifying the values that support the organization, team members paint a clear picture of where the organization stands and how to be successful in the new millennium.

Phase III - The Road Map

Windows of Opportunity: What are the trends? What direction is the market headed? Exploring and anticipating the future of the organization and the external factors that impact it - these are the critical factors upon which leaders base their decisions.

Goal Development Process: With the issues identified and the vision, mission and values clearly defined, the strategic planning team develops and prioritizes long and short term goals that will prepare the roadmap.

SMART Objectives: After the goals are prioritized, leaders work in small groups to establish SMART objectives. These are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound.

Purpose: The rationale of this session is for the team to clearly outline plans based upon relevant projections of the future, external forces impacting the organization, internal issues, and other significant information.

Benefit: The team accomplishes a major amount of strategic planning, using fast- paced, innovative methods to prepare for increased success in the future.

Phase IV -- Implementation Strategy

Force Field Analysis: The strategic planning team identifies the inhibiting forces which stand in the way of goal accomplishment. They analyze what they must do to overcome the barriers. They also examine the driving forces and benefits of successful, completed action plans and resultant revenues.

Who, What, Where, When, Why, How: For implementation to occur in a timely manner, the team defines the basics and charts out the required roles and responsibilities. They determine the project plan that supports the objectives and establish time frames for communication check points.

Resources Planning: The team assesses available resources, identifies which are necessary to implement their plans, and how they can obtain them.

Communication: The team outlines organizational relationships and designs communication feedback loops necessary to accomplish the objectives.

Purpose: This session uses the "Road Map" and Force Field Analysis to pull together all the factors that impact the implementation of the mission, goals and objectives. The team has its compass to indicate direction and the tools to make the plan happen!

Benefit: With Wolf Management Consultants facilitation and leading-edge strategic planning, the team accomplishes the organizational mission and achieves success.


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