Speedwriting: From Brain to Brief in a Hurry

Speedwriting: From Brain to Brief in a Hurry

Course Description

This program enables participants to convert involved and inchoate ideas into clear, coherent expression.The participants learn two (shorter course) or four (full course) methods to make this possible. Because this course uses a learn-by-doing approach, lawyers can–and often do–use their own current work, especially writing projects that have stymied them.They then take away from the course, not just some ideas, but a structured and developed brief or project. When they return to their desks, it is usually just a matter of filling in blanks to produce a final product.

Program Goal:

Participants learn in this 1½ - 3 hour interactive program how to use three techniques to turn undeveloped and unformed thoughts into written analysis in a manner of minutes.

Program Objectives:

Apply three separate   methods turning undeveloped ideas into a written analytical framework in under thirty minutes.

  • Organize disorganized ideas and facts in minutes.
  • Develop persuasive, clear fact statements in minutes.
  • Using any of twelve reasoning patterns, develop a logical, analytical approach appropriate to the framework

Who Should Take This Course:

All lawyers who must write under time pressure, especially those who must present complex facts or multiple issues. The course may be adapted to the needs of either litigation or transactional lawyers.

What Others Have Said:

  • “The class succeeded beyond my expectations.”  Private practice lawyer, San Diego
  • “Excellent synthesis of non-technical writing techniques.”  Lawyer in District Attorney’s Office
  • “This is a great concept–and the demo of the technique was convincing!”  Deputy Attorney General.


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