Social Styles: Use Your Interpersonal Style to Connect With Your Clients!

Social Styles: Use Your Interpersonal Style to Connect With Your Clients!

Event Overview

Today as never before, more versatile and adaptive interactions with our clients is imperative to mutual success. Social Styles Next Generation is an event built on the belief that people can improve their business development skills to benefit both themselves and their clients by understanding their own interpersonal style in the workplace. A self-assessment, along with feedback from colleagues and clients, helps participants learn more about themselves in terms of the two key dimensions of interpersonal style: dominance and sociability. By learning to recognize the various interpersonal styles and gaining an understanding of the effectiveness of each, participants of this event will be able to decide how to interact with clients to achieve their goals while helping clients achieve theirs.

Unique Feedback Report

Each participant receives a computer scored graphic and narrative based on input from five individuals. This fully validated and reliable report is utilized throughout the workshop. The feedback report contains information based upon five behavioral scales. In addition, each participant fills out a self-report that compares their perception of behavior to that of others. This individual report helps participants gain a thorough understanding of how their behavior impacts others.

Who Should Attend this Event: People who wish to learn more about their individual interpersonal styles in order to enhance interaction with new and existing clients.

Event Outcomes

Participants of this event will:

  • Define "Interpersonal Style" in terms of the key dimensions of behavior style
  • Use interpersonal skills to influence the behavior of clients
  • Become a better observer of other's behavior
  • Understand their preferred interpersonal style of behavior and their affect on others
  • Recognize the strengths and contributions of other people's interpersonal style
  • Adapt your behavior to establish relationships built on mutual goals that meet individual needs

Event Key Topics

  • Understanding Social Styles
  • Adapting Your Social Style
  • Style Applications
  • Managing Styles In Conflict

Event Length: This event runs for 1 day


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