Retreat and Facilitation Services

Retreat and Facilitation Services

Never underestimate the value of a good facilitator. Many organizations and law firms use Wolf Management Consultants (WMC) professional facilitators to make sure their meetings or retreats are productive, participants are fully engaged, and disagreements are managed effectively.

When would I use a WMC Professional Facilitator?

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Business process redesign and simplification
  • General meeting management, skill-development
  • Leadership and Executive Management meetings
  • Assessment of current team dynamics
  • Steering committee leadership
  • Project leadership

What functions do they perform?

  • Assists in the design of the planning or meeting process
  • Provides overall coordination and assists with selection of attendees
  • Coordinates and facilitates specific meetings
  • Assures that meeting objectives are achieved
  • Synthesizes information between or after meetings for presentation and documentation
  • Assists in developing a communication strategy for meeting outcomes

What is the WMC professional facilitator’s role during a meeting?

  • Focus energy
  • Stay on track
  • Give all group members an equal chance to participate
  • Be a process advocate
  • Provide a framework to help the group move through the process
  • Balance need for structure and need for open time
  • Manage time
  • Deal with issues or problems in group dynamics; e.g.
    - Unresponsive group
    - Gripe sessions
    - Digressing group
    - Dominating individual
    - Conflict
    - Low creativity
    - Cynical attitudes

Most important, the WMC professional facilitator is unbiased. The facilitator will make sure your objectives are met while allowing the organization leader to become an equal member of the group. A good facilitator not only makes the meeting process better, but often more enjoyable for all the participants.


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